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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 63

Chapter 63 - Auction

Hong Yue Auction House

This auction house is opened by one of the Noble families, the Hong Yue Family. The Hong Yue Family is an important existence within Glory City. The surrounding five Aristocratic families listened to the Hong Yue Family’s orders. Including the Heavenly Marks Family.

When the Heavenly Marks Family was being suppressed by Sacred Family, the Hong Yue Family distanced themselves from the Heavenly Marks Family. However, due to the fact that the Alchemist Association has a close relationship with the Heavenly Marks Family now, the Hong Yue Family started to get close to the Heavenly Marks Family.

People were coming in and out of the auction house. As members of an Aristocratic family, Nie Hai, Nie En and Nie Li were arranged to the second level of the VIP room.

Patriarchs of other Aristocratic families had also joined them.

Seeing several acquaintances, Nie Hai went up to greet them.

"Patriarch Li Yuan, Patriarch Chi Feng, long time no see!" Nie Hai slightly cupped his hands and said.

Li Yuan had the looks of a fifty-sixty year old man. Although his hair and beard were a little white, his spirit was very hale and hearty. He was the Patriarch of Li Yuan Family. Chi Feng, a slightly younger, but had a much bigger build was beside him. He was the Patriarch of the Tian Kui Family.

[TLN: The ’Yuan’ in Li Yuan’s name and the ’Yuan’ in the Family name is different. Chinese have character of the same hanyu pinyin, but different character.]

"Patriarch Nie Hai, you haven’t changed a bit," said Li Yuan and Chi Feng, also lightly cupping their hands and smiling.

"Ha ha, it was by the blessings of you two!" Nie Hai greeted. His relationship with Li Yuan and Chi Feng is still not bad. Even when the Heavenly Marks Family was being suppressed by the Sacred Family, Li Yuan and Chi Feng still made contacts with Nie Hai.

Seeing Nie Hai, Li Yuan and Chi Feng greeted each other. A good distance away, the Silver Tiger’s Patriarch, Jiang Ming, and the Tie Men Family’s Patriarch, Lei Zhuo, both revealed angry and jealous expressions.

"Patriarch Nie Hai is really shining with success!" Patriarch Lei Zhuo lightly said with sarcasm.

The Patriarch Jiang Ming also coldly smiled and said, "Right? Before, when he was being suppressed by the Sacred Family, he begged for someone to help them, almost even shamelessly kneeling down. Now that he has the protection of the Alchemist Association, he can run around without any worry. But...... how long can the Heavenly Marks Family be sheltered by the Alchemist Association? Who knows when the time will come when they are suppressed by the Sacred Family again? I wonder if Patriarch Nie Hai will still be so carefree, like he is today?"

Hearing the words of Lei Zhuo and Jiang Ming, Nie Hai’s face slightly changed. Since the beginning, Lei Zhuo and Jiang Ming’s family haven’t been on good terms with Heavenly Marks Family. The sarcasm within their speech made Nie Hai very unhappy. Of course, he will not show weakness. He showed that he was unconcerned, smiled and said, "Why is there such huge sour smell? It’s true that the Heavenly Marks Family is being sheltered by the Alchemist Association, at least we’re better off than some family who is not close to their grandpa nor loved by their grandma."

[TLN: Not exceptionally close to any big powers/ No one backing them up.]

Lei Zhuo and Jiang Ming’s face were both sullen. Truth be told, they are indeed jealous of the Heavenly Marks Family. Now that the current Alchemist Association is no longer compared to what it was in the past. They even heard that the Alchemist Association paid thirty percent more than the current market price to acquire the Heavenly Marks Family’s herbs. Furthermore, the Alchemist Association also gave the Heavenly Marks Family quite a lot of high-graded elixirs, enough to nurture the younger generations. As for them, their herbs have no sales at all, and they can only sell it at lower price.

"You became henchmen of the Alchemist Association and still act so proudly. You really think that the Alchemist Association treats you like a treasure?" Lei Zhuo curled his mouth in disdain.

Hearing Lei Zhuo’s words, Li Yuan and Chi Feng also spoke up.

"That’s a poor remark from Patriarch Lei Zhuo. If the Heavenly Marks Family is a henchmen of the Alchemist Association, would the Alchemist Association have the need to give the Heavenly Marks Family such beneficial conditions?" Li Yuan lightly smile as he said, obviously standing on Nie Hai’s side.

Chi Feng also nodded his head and said, "Indeed. Obviously, the Alchemist Association had requested the Heavenly Marks Family, which is why they gave the Heavenly Marks Family such beneficial conditions. Even the two of our families benefitted from them!"

Li Yuan’s Li Yuan Family and Chi Feng’s Tian Kui Family both sold their herbs ten percent above the market price to the Heavenly Marks Family. The Heavenly Marks Family then resells them to the Alchemist Association. In between the two transactions, they were able to earn quite a bit. They have already become one of the bodies of interest with the Heavenly Marks Family. It was considered compensation for not abandoning the Heavenly Marks Family when they were in distress.

Lei Zhuo and Jiang Ming both coldly snorted. They couldn’t figure out is why would such a big power, like the Alchemist Association, ask of the Heavenly Marks Family? They had also sent underlings to investigate this matter, but had no results.

There was a hint of hostility within the VIP room.

Nie En and Nie Li were both sitting by the side, sipping their tea. Since this is a fight between Patriarchs, it’s not related to them. Therefore, they did not say anything.

Nie En leaned closer to Nie Li and quietly said, "The Silver Tiger Family and the Tie Men Family Patriarchs have always been overbearing. When the Heavenly Marks Family was being suppressed, they sent someone to buy two pieces of land from us at a low price! We knew that it was them that were the ones buying, however we never sold, no matter what! When the Sacred Family suppressed us, these two families did the most to steal our business."

Hearing Nie En’s words, Nie Li’s brows slightly twitched as anger flashed across his eyes and looked at Patriarch Lei Zhuo and Jiang Ming. If it’s just an ordinary argument between Patriarchs, he can’t be bothered with it. However, since these two families are the henchmen of the Sacred Family, Nie Li naturally can’t let them off.

The auction will soon begin. The respective Patriarch stood close to the observation area, looking far away.

The auctioneer responsible for the auctioning is a beautiful lady wearing an opaque silk cloth that paired with that delicate face of hers. She was filled with endless temptation. Everyone there had to admit that the Hong Yue Family is clever. With such a sexy ** lady, they could easily heat up one’s mind, and cause them to pay big bucks.

"Recently the Heavenly Marks Family had several business ventures with the Alchemist Association on various herbs. They should have earned quite a bit. With Patriarch Nie Hai here, I’m afraid that the treasures of this auction will not have our share!" The corner of Lei Zhuo’s eyes glanced at Nie Hai, laughed and said.

"True, with our wealth, how can we match up to the Heavenly Marks Family?" Jiang Ming laughingly continued.

Nie Hai’s expression turned gloomy. How could he not figure out the sarcasm of these two. However, he could only swallow it. Even though they were working with the Alchemist Association recently, and the Heavenly Marks Family has indeed earned quite a bit, the foundation is still very thin. They were only able to barely recover. How can it be compared to the Silver Tiger and the Tie Men families.

Li Yuan and Chi Feng also frowned. Lei Zhuo and Jiang Ming were really too much.

At this moment, Nie Li, who’s sitting on the right side of Nie Hai, opened his mouth, "Two patriarchs are flattering. The Heavenly Marks Family have nothing except money. I’m afraid that the two patriarch have no chance to acquire today’s real treasure."

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Lei Zhuo’s face went dark and he said, "Brat, who are you? Are fit to talk to us? Can you represent the Heavenly Marks Family?"

"Whether or not I can represent the Heavenly Marks Family, you can ask Patriarch Nie Hai." Nie Li lightly said.

Nie Li’s position within the Heavenly Marks Family today cannot be compared to the past anymore. Nie Hai nodded and said, "Of course he can represent my Heavenly Marks Family!"

"A small brat dares to boast around here. He’s really not afraid of embarrassment?" Lei Zhuo snorted. “The heavenly Marks Family has really degraded for you to actually spoil the younger generation to such an extent!”

Since Nie Hai said that Nie Li can represent the Heavenly Marks Family, he had nothing else to say.