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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 64

Chapter 64 - Use it himself

Lei Zhuo turned around, too lazy to bother with Nie Li any longer. Arguing with a kid like Nie Li will only lower his status.

Nie Li looked at Nie Hai and Nie En and said, "The items that I bid on, I will pay for them myself!"

Nie Hai and Nie En bitterly smiled as they looked at each other. They did not have the slightest prestige in front of Nie Li. They can tell that Nie Li does not have much respect for either of them. In the clan, when kids normally saw them, they would be scared speechless. Yet, Nie Li has an indifferent look on his face.

Truth is, in his previous life, when Nie Li saw Nie Hai and Nie En, he’d get nervous whenever he saw them. However, in this life, Nie Li’s mentality has completely changed. No one can make him fear them and pressure anymore. Not even Ye Ziyun’s grandfather, the Legend rank Ye Mo! Just when Nie Li finished talking, the auction started.

"Dear, honourable guests. In this auction, our Hong Yue Auction House has prepared lots of treasures. Many were obtained from ruins. We hope that everyone will like them!" The lady’s voice spread around, as charming as a fairy song.

"The first auction item! It is from the ruins of Clear River Town. It’s a broken jade. Upon inspection, there were remains of an extremely rich aura. The starting price is three hundred demon spirit coins!"

When the lady’s voice ended, someone already raised their plate.

"Three hundred fifty demon spirit coins!"

"Four hundred spirit coins!"

"Five hundred spirit coins!"


"Two thousand demon spirit coins!"

After the price was raised to two thousand, the calling stopped. After all, it’s just a piece of broken jade. Although it has some soul force aura on it, it is only worth this much. An aristocratic family’s yearly income is only a million demon spirit coins. An ordinary household’s expenses would already be two-three thousand demon spirit coins.

Therefore two thousand demon spirit coins for them is already a lot.

With just a glance, Nie Li could tell from the colour of the jade that it’s a Primary Dark Jade. The quality is not bad, if all the functions are brought out, it would worth two-three million demon spirit coins.

Seeing that no one in the VIP room said anything, Nie Li raised the plate.

"Heavenly Marks Family, two thousand five hundred demon spirit coins!"

"Two thousand five hundred demon spirit coins going once!"

"Two thousand five hundred demon spirit coins going twice!"

"Two thousand five hundred demon spirit coins going thrice!"

"Sold! Congratulations to the Heavenly Marks Family for successfully bidding on this piece of jade."

Lei Zhuo looked at where Nie Li was with a strange look, and muttered, "He actually spent two thousand, five hundred on a broken piece of jade?! Psh, what’s the use of that?"

Nie Hai and Nie En also did not understand. However since Nie Li is paying himself, they didn’t say much.

"The next auction item is a mysterious interspatial ring! Everyone please have a look!" The auctioneer slowly took up the ring, "This interspatial ring’s body is glittering and translucent, completely flawless. It’s a storage ring with a space of over two hundred square meters in circumference. This can be called the best storage ring created! This was brought back by a Gold rank Fighter from the Ning You City ruins. Ning You City ruins are the most dangerous and the wealthiest ruins around. The treasures from those ruins are all of high quality. Many treasures were acquired by the City Lord and are kept in the City Lord Mansion......"

"This ring’s starting price is fifty thousand demon spirit coins!" The lady’s voice sounded throughout the whole area.

"Finally there is good stuff!"

"But the price is so expensive. They actually asked for fifty thousand demon spirit coins!"

"This interspatial ring has such a large space. Selling it for fifty thousands demon spirit coins is not being too exaggerating!"

A month’s income for the Heavenly Marks Family is barely a hundred thousand demon spirit coins. Furthermore, it has to be used to maintain the expenses of the family. It was more than enough to make Nie Hai and Nie En flinch.

Some of the wealthy families below already began bidding.

"Fifty one thousand demon spirit coins!"

"Fifty three thousand demon spirit coins!"


"Fifty five thousand demon spirit coins!"

The bidding was getting more and more intense. Lei Zhuo smiled and said, "Is Patriarch Nie Hai not interested? Then I’ll start calling!"

"Seventy thousand demon spirit coins!" Lei Zhuo faintly said. The whole hall immediately went silent.

[TLN: The reason why he ’faintly said’ and it can sound throughout the whole hall is probably because he integrated his soul force into his voice. A lot of Chinese wuxia/xianxia do that.]

After a long time no one called for a higher price.

"Silver Tiger Family bids seventy thousand demon spirit coins, is there anyone offering higher?" The lady’s asked with her clear voice.

Although Nie Li has several interspatial rings on him, their space was too small. They were all filled with demon crystal cards, there was not enough space for him to use for anything else. Since there is a higher grade interspatial ring, Nie Li definitely wouldn’t let it go.

A ring with two hundred square meters of circumference. If he missed this chance and tried to look for a bigger one in the future, it would be rather difficult to find one.

"One hundred thousand demon spirit coins!" Nie Li said, lightly raising the price.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Nie Hai and Nie En felt deeply shocked. Their hearts were bleeding. It’s one hundred thousand demon spirit coins! My god, one hundred thousand is even more than the Heavenly Marks Family’s monthly income. Nie Li actually wants to use that amount to buy an interspatial ring?

"Heavenly Marks Family bids one hundred thousand, is there anyone willing to raise?" The lady asked in a loud voice.

"One hundred thousand demon spirit coins!" Lei Zhuo inhaled a cold air, a little dumbfounded. This price is already not what he can bear. That was a whole one hundred thousand demon spirit coins! He opened his mouth, wanting to raise the price, but he worried that it was a trap set by the Heavenly Marks Family. So he did not dare to raise it any more.

"One hundred thousand demon spirit coins going once, One hundred thousand demon spirit coins going twice, One hundred thousand demon spirit coins going thrice, sold!" The lady’s hammer landed heavily.

One hundred thousand demon spirit coins, this is the price that would make one become excited.

Nie Li glanced at Nie En and said, "Grand Elder, can you help me to collect the two items? I might need to use the interspatial ring later. This is eleven demon crystal cards, the remaining money you can keep," Nie Li casually took out eleven demon crystal cards.

Nie En is totally depressed. He has become the errand boy for Nie Li. Even though he is now the Grand Elder of Heavenly Marks Family!

However, after seeing those eleven demon crystal cards, Nie En inhaled a breath, and thought to himself, ‘Forget it and endure.’

Eleven demon crystal cards meant One hundred and ten thousand demon spirit coins. Other than the two items, he will be left with seven thousand, five hundred demon spirit coins. Just running an errand could earn seven thousand, five hundred demon spirit coins. He’s not losing anything.

Since the Heavenly Marks Family has so many people, a month’s income is only a hundred thousand demon spirit coins. Just by running an errand, Nie En could earn seven thousand, five hundred demon spirit coins, Nie Hai also wants to do it himself.

’Poor...’ Nie Hai sighed. Only he knows of how serious the financial crisis of the Heavenly Marks Family currently is. After deducting the cost of training the younger generations, the Heavenly Marks Family is still in debt!

Nie Li is too rich. As a member of the Heavenly Marks Family, he should make some contributions towards the family. However, Nie Hai did not dare to ask for anything. After all, it’s all due to Nie Li that the Alchemist Association has made connections with the Heavenly Marks Family.

"The next item is an elixir storage jade bottle. It’s made from some sort of warm jade. It can greatly maintain the herbal effects of plants and herbs! It was recovered from a sunken ship below the Ancient Breeze River......"


"Heavenly Marks Family bids sixty thousand demon spirit coins. Is there any other offers?"

"Sixty thousand demon spirit coins going once, sixty thousand demon spirit coins going twice, sixty thousand demon spirit coins going thrice, sold!"


"Next auctioning item is a whole Gold rank suit. Look at this inscription pattern! It originated from the Snow Wind Empire Era. This suit once had a Scarlet Flame Tiger demon beast’s demon spirit sealed inside. It is an extinct species of the Snow Wind Empire! Therefore, this Gold rank suit can already be one of a kind. Only a Gold rank Demon Spiritualist can wear it! Starting price is sixty thousand demon spirit coins!"

Seeing that Gold rank suit, Nie Li’s eyes lit up. He raised the plate and said, "One million......"

Everyone was dumbfounded. The whole hall was quiet for a long time. This guy simply doesn’t give anyone any chances!

"Xiao Li, did you bid this for me? Thank you so much!" Nie Hai nervously rubbed his hands. This is a set of Gold rank suit. When one wears it, his strength could rise by thirty percent or more!

Nie Li threw a glance at Nie Hai and said, "Who says that this is a bid for you?"

"But, I’m the only Gold rank Demon Spiritualist within the Heavenly Marks Family!" Nie Hai paused for a while before saying. Aside from him, who else could wear this Gold rank suit.

"I got it for my own use." Nie Li said.

Nie Hai opened his mouth wide. After hearing Nie Li’s words, Nei Hai’s originally joyful mood suddenly turned into sorrow. Nie Hai felt just like an abandoned woman.