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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 65

Chapter 65 - Elixir

Who knows how long will it take for Nie Li to reach Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. Did he just spend a million demon spirit coins to buy a Gold rank suit for display?

After thinking about it for some time, Nie Hai can’t help feeling a bit crazy.

However, as Patriarch of the Heavenly Marks Family, he doesn’t have the status to publicly lower himself down to ask for it.

Just a million demon spirit coins doesn’t mean much to Nie Li. With his current wealth, at this moment, he can easily enter into the top five in terms of wealth. Furthermore, cooperating with the Alchemist Association allowed Nie Li’s wealth to grow a few hundred million daily.

Nie Li doesn’t even need to bat an eye when he throws out a million demon spirit coins. If he wants to, he can even buy the whole auction house without any problem. Of course, Nie Li is still playing low key. Borrowing the name of the Heavenly Marks Family to buy some treasures won’t lure the attention of others. However, if he wanted to buy the whole auction house, it’d be a little too high profile.

At this moment, all the wealthy merchants below were busy discussing what just happened.

"Since when did the Heavenly Marks Family become so rich?"

"I heard that the Heavenly Marks Family is being sheltered by the Alchemist Association. Moreover, the Alchemist Association is paying thirty percent more than the market price when buying herbs from them."

"They actually did such a thing? It’s no wonder the Heavenly Marks Family is so generous!"

With his frightening hearing, Nie Hai felt extremely depressed. If the Heavenly Marks Family is really so rich, then it’s fine. However, the items that were brought were all paid with Nie Li’s money. The money has nothing to do with him. Although he’s the Patriarch of the Heavenly Marks Family, he’s still a member of the Heavenly Marks Family and must contribute some money to the family monthly. Most of a person’s assets are considered personal. Therefore, he can’t force Nie Li to contribute the money he has to the family. Moreover, with Nie Li’s current position, he doesn’t even dare to say anything harsh to Nie Li.

Lei Zhuo and Jiang Ming were depressed. In this auction, all they saw was the Heavenly Marks Family buying one treasure after another, while they were unable to get anything. Furthermore, at the rate the bids were going, they don’t dare to bid themselves. If it comes back to bite them, they’ll have trouble.

As for Chi Feng and Li Yuan, they would frequently look at Nie Hai, and sigh in their hearts. The Heavenly Marks Family is really rich! They never thought that those items were for Nie Li himself, and not for the family.

"See how much attention I’m bringing to the Heavenly Marks Family," Nie Li lightly smiled, secretly said to Nie Hai.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Nie Hai rolled his eyes. He’d rather not have that much attention.

"How many items are you planning to buy?" Nie Hai looked at Nie Li and said. Up till now, Nie Li has already brought over ten items, and spent nearly two million demon spirit coins.

"I’ll buy anything I like," Nie Li said, lightly smiling.

Nie Hai’s mouth was so wide from the shock, you could fit an egg in it. He’s going to buy whatever you likes, that’s a little too tyrannical. Yang Xin actually gave Nie Li so much money? The Alchemist Association is really generous. To casually give away so much money and consider it pocket change, the amount is already unimaginable for ordinary people.

After waiting for a long time, there was no one adding onto the price. After shouting several times, the auctioneer finally struck the hammer. This Gold rank suit also ended up going to Nie Li.

"This next item has been entrusted to us by the Alchemist Association to be auctioned. The Soul Nurturing Pills and the Soul Concentrating Pills!" The auctioneer said smiling, "This time, we obtained a total of a thousand pills of the Soul Nurturing Pills and a hundred pills of the Soul Concentrating Pills. I beg to remind everyone to cherish this chance."

Hearing the auctioneer’s words, whether it’s those merchants below or the five Patriarch, almost everyone got heated up.

It’s the Soul Nurturing Pills and the Soul Concentrating Pills. After these two pills were released, they had invited a storm within Glory City. Many Demon Spiritualists, after eating the Soul Nurturing Pill and the Soul Concentrating Pill, had their cultivation soar by leaps and bounds. Some even broke through the Silver rank, and Gold rank rather quickly. Some that had the physique unsuitable for training soul force, after consuming some Soul Nurturing Pills and Soul Concentrating Pills, had their soul force raised by a lot.

Under this kind of situation, these two pills are extremely hard to find.

Several families went all out to buy those two pills at all costs, because they are used to nurture the younger generation.

However, the amount of these two pills is too little. The amount that was refined by the Alchemist Association could not satisfy a large market within Glory City. Under normal circumstances, only the Major families and Noble families could purchase those two pills at large quantities. The Hong Yue Auction House is at the top of three auction houses within the northern city of Glory City, and was only able to obtain a thousand Soul Nurturing Pills and a hundred Soul Concentrating Pills. It’s demand far exceeded the supply.

A light flashed across Nie Hai’s eyes. The reason for this, were the two pills.

"Nie Li, these two pills, buy as much as you can!" Nie Hai emotionally said. These two pills are extremely good for raising one’s cultivation. Especially the Soul Concentrating Pill. It has a strong effect, even for people at Nie Hai’s and Nie En’s level. Only by raising their cultivation, can the position of their family rise.

"Why do you want buy these?" Nie Li asked in surprise, "Could it be that the Alchemist Association did not give you these two pills?"

As the contributor of the elixir formulas, Nie Li isn’t lacking in these pills.

"Why would the Alchemist Association give us these pills?" Nie Hai turned his head around, puzzled and asked Nie Li.

Nie Li froze for a moment, but understood what’s going on. The sales of these pills are controlled by Yang Xin. Yang Xin gave Nie Li lots of pills, including several hundreds of thousands of Soul Nurturing Pills, several tens of thousands of Soul Concentrating Pills, and a few thousand Soul Tempering Pills, not to mention the Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill and the Nine Transformation Pill.

Yang Xin gave so many pills to Nie Li, but did not give any to the Heavenly Marks Family. In her view, Nie Li represented the Heavenly Marks Family.

"Err, nothing!" Nie Li said, shaking his head. Since that’s the case, he’ll just give some to the family. After all, he’s still a member of the Heavenly Marks Family.

The atmosphere within the auction house became extremely heated. The auctioneer on the stage saw this scene, lightly smiled and said, "In this auction, all Soul Nurturing Pills are sold in sets of a hundred, and the Soul Concentrating Pills are sold in sets of ten. The first set of Soul Nurturing Pills. The starting price is ten thousand demon spirit coins. The auction now begins!"

"One hundred and fifty thousand demon spirit coins!"

"One hundred and sixty thousand!"


The price was soon raised to two hundred thousand demon spirit coins.

Nie Hai was also very excited. His face was flushed red. He had already prepared to take out sixty thousand demon spirit coins to buy a set of Soul Nurturing Pills and a set of Soul Concentrating Pills. This is already the best that the Heavenly Marks Family can do with their current finances. After the price hit two hundred thousand demon spirit coins, Nie Hai stopped. Since there are nine more sets, there’s no need to snatch the first set.

Chi Feng and Li Yuan both looked at Nie Hai with surprise. The Heavenly Marks Family just easily threw out two million demon spirit coins without even batting an eye. Why was it that when the fight for the elixirs began, when the bidding raised it from ten thousand to only two hundred thousand demon spirit coins, they had already given up?

When they saw that Nie Hai has no intention of fighting for the pills, Chi Feng and Li Yuan decided to join the fight. With the generous and rich Heavenly Marks Family by their side, they felt pressure within their hearts. Since just now, all they saw was the Heavenly Marks Family buying one item after another, and would not give others a chance. Now, they can finally join the bidding fight.

No matter what, they have to buy some of the treasures. Otherwise, coming here would be a waste.