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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 69

Chapter 69 - Sky High Price

"People from the three Major families and the six Noble families are here. There’s even a representative of the Alchemist Association, and ten merchant guild representatives. We’ll definitely not have chance to get that item."

"Even if we don’t get a chance to get it, seeing such a big event isn’t that bad."

Everyone within the Auction Hall was busy with their discussions.

"Please be quiet for a moment," The auctioneer lady lightly smiled and said, "We will soon present that unrivalled treasure for everyone!"

At this moment, the auction hall went silent immediately.

Two beautiful ladies were carrying a tray as they walked up to the stage. Something was on the tray. Whatever it was, was covered by a piece of purple cloth. Only the rough outline of the item could be seen.

"What exactly is that thing?"


At this moment, the auctioneer had a charming smile on her face. Her right hand lightly pulled, removing the purple cloth. In that moment, a gem light had spread out in all directions. A black jade pot made from unknown material appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. The pot was sparkling and translucent, with gem-like shine on it.

A rich soul aura was spreading around.

Looking at this black jade pot, Nie Li could not contain his excitement. He never thought that such a thing would actually appear here. This item is indeed an unrivalled treasure. It’s usage cannot be measured by money!

"How did this item come along and what are its uses? Our Patriarch is not sure. However, there is one thing that can be confirmed. This pot emits an aura that strengthens demon spirits. That alone, proves that this item is not ordinary. Down below, on the base, the words, "Nightmare" is carved. It probably has something to do with the nightmare demon spirits.”

The auctioneer lady continued, "Furthermore, according to our Patriarch. If one trains a demon spirit around it, it can greatly strengthen the aura of the demon spirit. Therefore, it can be confirmed that this is an absolutely unrivalled treasure. Our Patriarch hopes that there will be someone who is able to unleash its usage!"

"The starting price for this item is eight million demon spirit coins!"

The Hong Yue Family’s Patriarch doesn’t know of it’s usage, therefore, the starting bid began at such low price. If he knew about this black jade pot’s uses, he probably wouldn’t want to sell it. Just it’s effect of strengthening a demon spirit’s aura by training around it would be worth quite a bit, not to mention that there is still some unknown uses to it.

After the respective representatives from the respective families felt the rich soul force aura, they couldn’t help being moved by it, having great interest for it.

"What exactly is this black jade pot?"

"Don’t know, but you can be sure that this is absolutely not that simple!"

"How rare, I really want to study it. Who knows? It might have some special uses!"

Looking at the black jade pot, Nie Li fell deep within his thoughts. This black jade pot should be the legendary treasure, Nightmare Demon Pot. The heritage of this pot goes back to the Snow Wind Empire Era. It’s said that it was found in an ancient tribe.

Even Nie Li only knows one of it’s uses. One of the uses for the Nightmare Demon Pot is to refine demon spirits!

The rough idea of the process is, one puts in ten different kinds of demon spirits into the Nightmare Demon Pot. After a while, there would be a chance of a more power demon spirit being refined with its confines. If one’s lucky, there’s a possibility for a rare demon spirit. If one’s unlucky, all the demon spirits will be destroyed.

The possibility of failure is rather small and the possibility of refining rare demon spirits out is also very small. Most of the time, the Nightmare Demon Pot could refine out a more powerful demon spirit. Just this usage alone, is more than enough to make countless people crazy over it. After all, the majority of Demon Spiritualists can only integrate with one demon spirit, therefore, they’ll definitely wish for the demon spirit to be as strong as possible.

Using weaker demon spirits to merge into a stronger demon spirit, that’s the usage of the Nightmare Demon Pot.

There probably isn’t anyone here that knows of the usage of the Nightmare Demon Pot.

Thinking about how powerful the Nightmare Demon Pot is, Nie Li immediately decided that he has to buy this, no matter how much he has to spend!

Very soon, a few families began bidding.

"Ten million demon spirit coins!"

"Twelve million demon spirit coins!"

"Fifteen million demon spirit coins!"


Very soon, the price was raised to twenty million demon spirit coins. This price was enough to cause everyone in the auction hall to be shocked.

"Thirty million demon spirit coins!" The Sacred Family suddenly started bidding.

"Thirty-five million demon spirit coins!" The Alchemist Association also started bidding.

Nie Li looked towards the third floor. The one bidding is actually Yang Xin. After thinking awhile, Nie Li said to Nie En, "Grand Elder, Director Yang seems to be in the third floor. Go and meet with her and tell her that I want this black jade pot. Let her help me bid for it. I’ll return the money to Alchemist Association after that!"

Hearing Nie Li’s words, before Nie En can even reply, Nie Hai said, "I’ll go!" Nie En has so many elixirs in his interspatial ring, he don’t dare to have Nie En go. A powerful Patriarch can only be an errand boy now, but he’s willing to do it.

Nie Hai went to look for Yang Xin.

The Sacred Family and the Alchemist Association competed nonstop for it. The Sacred Family gave up after the Alchemist Association raised it up to fifty million demon spirit coins. In terms of wealth, even if it’s one of the three Major families, they probably can’t compete with the Alchemist Association.

"Fifty million demon spirit coins! The Alchemist Association is really rich!"

"Of course. All of the recent elixirs by the Alchemist Association were sold like hotcakes. Their daily profit can probably be calculated in billions!"

After a while, Nie Hai returned. He nodded towards Nie Li and said, "Director Yang agreed!"

Yang Xin definitely won’t reject Nie Li’s request. After all, Yang Xin still has many things to request of Nie Li. Spending this much money, for the Alchemist Association to say, is nothing more than one fur out of the nine oxs. What Nie Li has brought to the Alchemist Association, cannot be measured with money.

After the price went to fifty million demon spirit coins, most of the families gave up competing. Furthermore, many of the families still have to purchase elixirs from the Alchemist Association. Therefore, they still have to give the Alchemist Association face. Although they are interested in the black jade pot, they did not competed for it.

At this moment, a man wearing a grey robe suddenly started bidding.

"Fifty-five million demon spirit coins!"

Who is he, for him to actually start bidding? Everyone within the Auction Hall had their gazes on the grey robed mysterious man.

Generally, families do not need to pay a deposit for the auction, however, before ordinary people begin to bid, they have to pay a deposit. This mysterious man actually bid fifty-five million, which means that he paid the deposit of more the fifty-five million!

This black jade pot actually had its price raised to such a frightening degree!

So much wealth. This can actually be comparable to all of the aristocratic families whole worth!

At this moment, Yang Xin, whom is sitting at the third floor, had her brows slightly wrinkled. These last few days, she has been in the northern branch of Glory City, and only came because she was invited by the Hong Yue Family. She never thought the Nie Li would be here. She originally had an interest for this black jade pot because she thought that it’d be used for elixirs and therefore started to bid, intending to study it. She never thought that Nie Li would also be interested in it. Since it’s something that Nie Li wants, the Alchemist Association has to buy it for Nie Li at all costs.

However, when the price went to fifty-five million demon spirit coins, the price was a little out of her expectations. She was wondering if it’s worth it to pay fifty-five million demon spirit coins for this black jade pot whose usage is unknown?