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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 71

Chapter 71 - Have its brilliant uses

"I know." Yang Xin nodded, lightly smiled and said.

"Then, I’ll go back first," Nie Li said. He bid farewell to Yang Xin and left from the back door.

The price of the Nightmare Demon Pot reached to a shocking price of one hundred and twenty million demon spirit coins. Such thing would definitely cause people to be interested in it. With Nie Li’s current strength, if he’s being targeted by someone, he definitely doesn’t have the strength to protect this treasure. But fortunately, others don’t know that this Nightmare Demon Pot has landed in Nie Li’s hands. Everyone thought that Yang Xin had it, and ordinary people wouldn’t think about stealing it from Yang Xin. After all, Yang Xin’s current position is extremely powerful within Glory City.

Nie Li quietly left together with Nie Hai and Nie En. They entered the carriage and headed back towards the Heavenly Marks Family.

"This matter about the Nightmare Demon Pot, must not be told to anyone!" Nie Li looked at Nie Hai, Nie En and said.

"Definitely!" Nie Hai and Nie En hurriedly nodded. They knew of the importance regarding this matter. If others were to know that the Nightmare Demon Pot is with Nie Li, it’ll bring unnecessarily trouble to the Heavenly Marks Family.

From this moment onwards, Nie Li’s interest represented the interests of the whole Heavenly Marks Family.

"Are we going back to the Heavenly Marks Family?" Nie Hai asked.

"No," Nie Li shook his head and said, "I want to go to the Xuan Spirit Merchant Hall."

"Xuan Spirit Merchant Hall? You’re already a Silver rank?" Nie En suddenly thought of something and asked.

Nie Li was silent for a moment and nodded his head. At this moment, there is no need to hide it from Nie Hai and Nie En.

Having Nie Li’s confirmation, Nie Hai and Nie Li were both shocked as they looked at Nie Li. They inhaled a cold air. They still remembered that few months ago, Nie Li was not even a 1-star Bronze rank. Now, he’s already a Silver rank? A thirteen year old Silver rank Demon Spiritualist. My god, this is an absolute, peerless, genius. Even within Glory City’s history, there is only a handful of them!

"Your first demon spirit must be chosen wisely! What demon spirit do you want? I can give you some references!" Nie Hai solemnly said. The demon spirits within Xuan Spirit Merchant Hall are the best among the northern parts of Glory City. In that place is quite a few good demon spirits.

What they don’t know is that Nie Li has already integrated with a Shadow Devil Demon Spirit. The reason he’s going there is not to look for an ordinary demon spirit. How can Nie Hai give him any references?

"I have my own thoughts." Nie Li nodded his head and said.

Nie Hai and Nie En both looked at each other bitterly smiling. They totally forgot that this thirteen years old child before them is not an ordinary person. He’s simply a monster. They are unable to make any decision for him.

The carriage sped forward at a high speed. Nie Li got Nie Hai to double check that there was no one following behind them. When it was confirmed that they weren’t being followed, he felt relieved. Nie Li is still a little worried that someone might have an eye on him. Whether it’s the Sacred Family or Dark Guild, their strength was too strong. Fortunately, the Dark Guild and the Sacred Family did not follow him, this time. Why would those superpowers bother to follow a teenager? When the Dark Guild or Sacred Family starts to pay attention to him, Nie Li would already grow to the point that they won’t be able to handle him.

Xuan Spirit Merchant Hall, VIP Room

When Nie Li and bunch revealed their identities, the Xuan Spirit Merchant Hall immediately got Nie Li and bunch into a secret VIP room. The one that is receiving Nie Li’s group is an elderly man with a white beard and hair. He’s the owner of the Xuan Spirit Merchant Hall. His name is Shao Ming Feng.

As the owner of the Xuan Spirit Merchant Hall, Shao Ming Feng is still very well informed. The news of the Heavenly Marks Family lavishly spending on Hong Yue Action House has already gotten to his ears. Therefore he had marked the Heavenly Marks Family as one of the important customers.

"Please, have some tea!" Shao Ming Feng smiled as he made a gesture for them to drink.

"Thanks a lot owner!" Nie Hai lightly smiled and said, "I’m here to buy a demon spirit for my grandnephew!"

"Our Xuan Spirit Merchant Hall is prepared to serve every customer," Shao Ming Feng said, lightly smiling. His eyes were looking at Nie Li for a while, "May I ask what kind of demon spirit is Patriarch Nie Hai looking for? We have all types of demon spirits here." Shao Ming Feng took out a book, in it were all kinds of demon spirit pictures. There were several hundreds of them. All kinds of types or attributes etc... were listed clearly.

Xuan Spirit Merchant Hall is northern Glory City’s biggest demon spirit trader. They would acquire a huge amount of demon spirits from adventurers daily, and then resell them. In between, they had many precious demon spirits. The higher the grade, the more rare and expensive it is. The cheapest ones can be bought with a few hundreds or a few thousands of demon spirit coins. The most expensive ones would be several millions of demon spirit coins.

’I wonder what grade of demon spirit will the Heavenly Marks Family purchase?’ Shao Ming Feng secretly thought to himself. He can see that Nie Hai places great importance on Nie Li.

Nie Hai took a glance at Nie Li.

Nie Li did not see the book at all. He looked at Shao Ming Feng and asked, "Owner Shao, would you be able to keep it a secret about the demon spirits that I will buy from you?"

Shao Ming Feng was a little surprised. He looked at Nie Li, nodded his head and said, "Of course. We will keep every customer’s information a secret. We will absolutely not leak it out!"

"Okay then," Nie Li slightly nodded, then took the book over. He pointed to one of the demon spirits and said, "Nightmare-type demon spirits, how many do you have over here?"

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Shao Ming Feng said, "Nightmare-type demon spirits are the most rare and hardest to control. I recommend to the young master to not have a Nightmare-type demon spirit as the first demon spirit. The storage of our Nightmare Demon Spirits are roughly around fifty."

"I’ll take them all!" Nie Li said, "I hope that the owner can give a fair price for them."

"A...all?" Shao Ming Feng inhaled a cold air. He looked at Nie Li with shock. Does Nie Li know how much they are all together? Why would he need so many demon spirits? One person can only integrate with one demon spirit at most!

"Right, all!" Nie Li seriously nodded.

Nie Hai and Nie En were both looking at Nie Li in deep shock. After a few moments, did they recovered from the shock.

"Don’t worry about it, I’ll pay for it!" Nie Li lightly said.

Shao Ming Feng looked at Nie Hai. Nie Hai bitterly smiled as he nodded, "Please gather all the Nightmare Demon Spirits you have here. We’ll take them all!"

"Okay!" Shao Ming Feng revealed an excited expression. Generally, Nightmare Demon Spirits are only able to sell one for every one to two months. Nie Li actually wanted to buy all the Nightmare Demon Spirits they have. This is definitely a big business. He immediately said, respectfully, "As you are buying so many demon spirits in one go, I will definitely give you a fair price!"

"We believe you, after all, we will be back to purchase a lot more demon spirits." Nie Li calmly said.

The words that came out from Nie Li, in that moment, made Shao Ming Feng treat Nie Li like an adult. Nie Li did not care about how the others were thinking about him. His wisdom is simply monstrous.

"Please wait awhile. I’ll immediately get the Nightmare Demon Spirits!" Shao Ming Feng said, hastily walking out.

"Xiao Li, why are you buying so many Nightmare Demon Spirits?" Nie En curiously asked. Nie Li is simply too rich. First he was throwing money out at the Auction Hall, and now he’s crazily purchasing demon spirits. Does he really having too much money to spend? After all, one person can only integrate with one demon spirit.

"I have my own use for them." Nie Li lightly said, smiling.