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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 75

Chapter 75 - Combat Skills

After the Fanged Panda entered Nie Li’s soul realm, it occupied an area. Maintaining a certain distance away from the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit.

The Shadow Devil Demon Spirit seemed to be afraid of the Fanged Panda and did not to move. The Fanged Panda seemed to have noticed the presence of the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, but did not approach it.

Both sides maintained a guard against each other.

After the Fanged Panda integrated with Nie Li’s soul realm, the boundaries between the two was no longer that obvious. Suddenly, Nie Li had images flash across his mind that showed a chubby figure. This guy is naively cute. The Fanged Panda was gnawing on bamboo while clumsily climbing on a tree. ‘Plop’ the Fanged Panda fell down to the ground.

These images were of the Fanged Panda’s past life. Nie Li could not help smiling. This fella is rather cute.

After roughly two hours, Nie Li’s integrating with the Fanged Panda was finally completed. After integrating with the Fanged Panda, the two demon spirits began to affect one another, and began to expand Nie Li’s soul realm by a considerable amount. Nie Li’s soul realm was madly expanding, once again expanded by two fold. While the soul realm was expanding, his soul force was also surging up.

The soul force within Nie Li’s soul realm turned into two flows. These two flows of soul force was flowing around uncontrollably, but, at the same time, they were complimenting each other. A majestic soul force was surging.


Nie Li felt that his soul force suddenly increased by a lot.

Using a soul crystal, Nie Li realised that his soul force has already reached 2000. It had reached the realm of a 2-star Silver rank. After integrating with the Fanged Panda, Nie Li’s strength had climbed up another level.

All of this was within Nie Li’s expectations. What he’s concerned about is not the speed of his cultivation, but the ability of the Fanged Panda.

Feeling the specialities of the Fanged Panda, Nie Li’s eyes lit up. He leaped out of his room and ran straight towards the back mountains.

The Back Mountains

A small of forest was situated in the back mountains. It was quiet and uninhabited. Usually there wouldn’t be anyone coming here, therefore, Nie Li is prepared to execute the combat abilities of the Fanged Panda.


Nie Li furiously roared as his body began to expand. He quickly merged with the Fanged Panda. His muscle had expanded, his body was covered with black and white fur, his limbs had thickened, and claws were coming out from his fingers.

Thunder strike!

Nie Li’s body was filled with unimaginable power. He threw a palm out, slamming it towards a big tree.


A tree that was as thick as a big man broke. It fell onto the ground, raising dust into the air.

“Such powerful strength!” Nie Li’s brows twitched. The power of this Fanged Panda was way beyond his expectations. In addition to Nie Li’s understanding towards battle, not to mention Silver rank, Nie Li can engage in a battle against a Gold rank expert.

Aside from palm strike, Nie Li wondered if there was any other combat abilities.

Nie Li let out an angry snort, activating the energy of his Fanged Panda body. ‘boom!’ A powerful field was formed around him, a circumference of roughly five meters. Nie Li can control the gravity within these five meters.

Gravity field!

Such a rare combat ability!

Nie Li was in ecstasy. He never expected that this Fanged Panda would have such special combat abilities. Gravity field is extremely hard to guard against in battle. Nie Li felt that getting this Fanged Pandawas really the right choice!

He continued experimenting the combat abilities of this Fanged Panda. Due to Nie Li’s lack of understanding towards the Fanged Panda demon spirit, there were lots of combat abilities that he was unable to execute. However, after integrating with the Fanged Panda, the memories of the Fanged Panda flowed through Nie Li’s mind. Therefore, the difficulty of executing these new combat abilities was lessened by a lot.

“There is still the third combat ability!” Nie Li roared like a beast, opening his mouth and spat. Two black and white round balls were spat out from Nie Li’s mouth. The two balls drew a curved arc in the air, and then, landed on two different pieces of land.


This two round balls exploded, and a horrifyingly powerful energy swept out, wiping everything out within ten meters of the landing points, leaving two huge craters on the ground. The stones within the soil was crushed into pieces.

At this moment, even Nie Li was dumbfounded by such a strong power.

Yin Yang Blast!

Nie Li remembers hearing of such a combat ability before. When one spits out the energy from within the body, it would bombard onto the enemy causing an explosion. However, an ordinary energy bomb only has one bomb. Nie Li’s energy bomb has two.

“Let’s call it the Yin Yang bomb!” Nie Li thought awhile, these two black and white bombs are indeed a little frightening. Nie Li felt his body condition for a while. This Yin Yang bomb cannot be used too much. Using it five times within a day would exhaust his body.

Gravity field and the Yin Yang bomb. These are definitely his biggest tricks within his hand!

Nie Li felt that the Fanged Panda still has a lot of combat abilities that he has yet to execute. He believed that with the increase of his and the Fanged Panda’s strength, he’ll be able to execute a lot more combat abilities.

Not bad!

Although Nie Li has seen lots of demon spirits, after integrating with the Fanged Panda he became rather satisfied. Both the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit and the Fanged Panda have God level growth rates. If anyone knew about them, they would be driven crazy to have either one of them.

Nie Li dismissed the transformation, and recalled the Fanged Panda back into his soul realm. This Fanged Panda is still only an 1-star Bronze rank demon spirit. Nie Li began feeding it his soul force while madly taking elixirs to fill up the used soul force. At this moment, the Fanged Panda within Nie Li’s soul realm was madly absorbing the coming soul force with its mouth open.

Generally, cultivators wouldn’t be willing to use large amounts of soul force to feed a demon spirit. Although demon spirits are a part of their strength, a demon spirit can be changed. Rather than feeding a demon spirit, they would rather raise their own strength. When their strength is strong enough they would change to a stronger demon spirit.

However, Nie Li doesn’t have the same thoughts. Whether it’s the Fanged Panda or the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, he is prepared to nurture them.

While continuously absorbing soul force, the strength of the Fanged Panda was continuously rising and finally reached into Silver rank.

After reaching Silver rank, the absorbing speed of the Fanged Panda began to slow down, to an almost stable level. There’s a large connection between the strength of the demon spirit and the strength of the demon spiritualist. When the demon spirit reached the same strength as its owner, its growth will began to slow down. Only a small amount of demon spirits are able to surpass their owner in strength.

Because the growth rate of the Fanged Panda is God level, it’s future strength will surpass Nie Li. However, it needs Nie Li to slowly nurture it. ‘You can’t become a fatso after one meal.’ Reaching Silver rank in such a short amount time is not easy.

After reaching Silver rank, Nie Li let out a low snort. Once again he called out the Fanged Panda. The Fanged Pands merged with Nie Li. Nie Li’s cultivation soared, becoming much stronger than before.

“Although I’m still Silver rank, an ordinary Gold rank Demon Spiritualist shouldn’t be my opponent,” Nie Li lightly smiled. A God level growth rate demon spirit’s strength isn’t what ordinary people can imagine.