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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 76

Chapter 76 - Forgiveness

While Nie Li was engrossed with his training, he was preparing to explore more about the Fanged Panda’s combat ability, two figures hastily ran over from the other side of the forest.

“Hmm?” Nie Li slightly frowned, stood firmly and looked far away.

Shu shu!

The two figures landed, it’s Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori.

“Who are you? You are being impudent in the territory of my Heavenly Marks Family!” Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori looked towards the merged Nie Li. After merging with the Fanged Panda, his body was very different.. He became much bigger, and his skin was covered with black and white fur, therefore, it’s normal that they did not recognize Nie Li.

‘It’s them!’ Nie Li stood at the same spot, slightly frowned.

The two brothers had grudges with him in his previous life due to internal affairs within the family. However, when the both of them battled with the demon beasts, they both died heroically. Therefore, Nie Li did not take any actions against them. Furthermore, their positions within the clan can no longer compete with Nie Li’s. He did not place Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori as threats within his heart.

Nie Li’s body rapidly shrank, returning to his original appearance.

“It’s me!” Nie Li lightly said.

“Nie Li?”

Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori looked at Nie Li with surprised expressions. The shock that they had was extremely hard to describe. The transformation from earlier, was the form of Nie Li after merging with his demon spirit? Their eyes swept passed the fallen tree and the frightening craters in the ground. They were suddenly struck with fear.

Their original impression of Nie Li, is a brat who has yet to reach 1-star Bronze rank. They never thought that Nie Li had already become a Silver rank Demon Spiritualist. When they looked at Nie Li, their eyes had hints of awe flashing across.

In this short period of time, Nie Wei had already lost his position as Grand Elder, causing their standing within the family to plummet. When this happened they were extremely depressed. Although they were extremely unhappy with the current situation, they did not have any thoughts of revenge. They were just a little vexed and upset. Although there are conflicts between the branches, internal fights have been prohibited ever since the founding of Heavenly Marks Family. The punishment for internal fighting is extremely severe.

Furthermore, Nie Li’s current position within the clan isn’t something that can be shaken by them. In the past, they thought that the Patriarch was deceived by Nie Li, hence covering up for him. However, after Nie Hai announced that all of the elixirs that they got were given to them by Nie Li, they were finally convinced.

No matter who it is, making such a huge contribution to the family is worthy of respect.

When they found out that Nie Li has cultivated to Silver rank, they held only had admiration for Nie Li.

After being disturbed by the two brothers, Nie Li already lost the mood to continue training. After straightening his shirt a little, Nie Li turned around and was about to leave.

Seeing Nie Li leave, Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori knew that Nie Li does not have a good impression of them. Even though Nie Li’s position changed within the clan, he did not take revenge upon them, which was is already fortunate. Watching Nie Li’s leaving figure, Nie Xiaori hurriedly stepped out, and anxiously said, “Nie Li, please wait!”

“What?” Nie Li turned his head around, looking at Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori.

Nie Xiaori’s face redden, after a long while, he mumbled, “Nie Li, sorry. We were in the wrong with the previous incident within the family, we apologize to you!”

Nie Xiaofeng also lowered his head and said, “No matter how you want to take revenge on us, we’ll accept it!”

Although Nie Xiaori and Nie Xiaofeng were a little tyrannical in his previous life, they were still good people. When the Heavenly Marks Family was in trouble, they volunteered to help. Therefore, that’s only the reason why Nie Li did not make things difficult for them. However, after listening to their apologize, Nie Li was a little surprised. He smiled, waved his hand and said, “I forgive you both.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori were stunned for a moment. They never thought that Nie Li would forgive them so easily. They couldn’t react to his response.

Nie Li lightly said, “I’m not someone that lacks of magnanimity. I heard that because of my view towards both of you, the Patriarch did not share any of the elixirs with you.” Nie Li retrieved some elixirs from his interspatial ring. His right hand moved, throwing the elixirs towards Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori and said, “This is your portion, consider it my gift.”

After speaking, Nie Li turned around and slowly walked away.

Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori looked at the elixirs in their hands, and looked at Nie Li’s leaving figure. They felt their noses turning slightly sour.

“Never thought that even though we picked on him so much in the past, he would have such big magnanimity. We shouldn’t have done those things in the past!” Nie Xiaofeng said, criticizing himself. Watching Nie Li’s leaving figure, he felt guilty.

“Yeah, compared to Nie Li, we are really shameful.” Nie Xiaori lowered his head and said, “Big bro, Nie Li was so magnanimous. Not only did he not come after us, he still gave us elixirs. But we still feel bad for our deeds!”

Nie Xiaofeng and Nie Xiaori were both still very young. They only had that little arrogance in their heart, their characters weren’t bad. This time, they firmly made up their minds to apologize to Nie Li. They never imagined that Nie Li would be so generous towards them. They were filled with so much guilt toward Nie Li. If Nie Li needed them to do anything in the future, they would absolutely not deny him!

Night was approaching. Nie Li was in his yard, training. Pure soul force was emitting out of the Nightmare Demon Pot, and Nie Li was absorbing the soul force nonstop, turning it into his own.

Nie i felt that his soul force had reached another level.

While Nie Li’s focused on practising, someone knocked on the yard door.

“Come in!” Nie Li said loudly, but did not stand up.

After a moment, the yard door opened. Several people hastily entered. The leading man was Nie Hai. Following behind him were Nie En and several other elders including his father, Nie Ming and his uncle Nie Kai.

Nie Li looked at the crowd in surprise, curiously asked, “What’s happening? Why are there so many people here?”

When they saw that Nie Li did not stand up and greet the Patriarch when he came and even questioned the Patriarch, Nie Ming and Nie Kai couldn’t help feeling nervous. They worriedly swept their eyes at Nie Hai, and noticed that Nie Hai wasn’t even a little angry and felt relieved. They secretly thought to themselves, ‘When we go back, we definitely have to educate Nie Li properly.’ Although Nie Li’s current position within the Heavenly Marks Family is high, he still can’t act spoiled. He must remain humble.

Is he is still that kid who once greeted Nie Hai with respect? The Nie Li today would not have much respect for even a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, even if they were standing in front of him. In this life, he must become the emperor of humanity. He will fight the Sage Emperor, and help Glory City from its disaster. Right now, this is only the first step.

Nie Li’s experience is more than enough to overtake anyone in Glory City!