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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 80

Chapter 80 - Long time no see

Holy Orchid Institute

An old man with a beard and hair white, is currently looking at the dazzling Xiao Ning’er in front of him. This elder is the Vice-principal of the Holy Orchid Institute, Ye Sheng.

“Xiao Ning’er, are you sure that you want to enter the Heavenly Sacred Border?” Ye Sheng said, frowning his brows, “You do know that entering the Heavenly Sacred Border has its dangers right? A few students, after coming out of the Heavenly Sacred Border, had huge problems with their soul realms.”

“Vice-Principal, do I have the qualifications to enter the Heavenly Sacred Border?” Xiao Ning’er raised her head, looking at Ye Sheng and asked. Her eyes flashed with firm determination.

“Of course, your talent is indeed qualified for it. There is indeed, great benefits for entering the Heavenly Sacred Border before reaching Silver rank.” Ye Sheng nodded. It’s been a long time since he had a student so outstanding.

“I have decided to enter the Heavenly Sacred Border,” Xiao Ning Her heavily nodded her head, her eyes flashed with unprecedented firmness.

“How about your father? Has he agreed to your action?”

“Yes!” Xiao Ning’er nodded. Truth is, she came over behind her family’s back.

“Okay then. In that case, I’ll fulfill your wish!” Ye Sheng nodded, together with a few teachers, brought Xiao Ning’er to a grand building behind the Holy Orchid Institute.

The teachers of the Holy Orchid Institute looked at each other. Truth is, they all quite admire Xiao Ning’er’s courage. She actually has the courage to enter the Heavenly Sacred Border. The Heavenly Sacred Border is an extremely mysterious place. Only the most outstanding genius among geniuses could enter. Of those who’ve entered, many had problems occured to their soul; some came out without gaining anything. Only a few managed to pass through the Heavenly Sacred Border. Of course, those who passed through the Heavenly Sacred Border obtained powerful heritage and became a power existence. They would at least become a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. Only Ye Mo managed to reach the Legend rank Demon Spiritualist.

There has always been a legend about the Heavenly Sacred Border. Those who managed to pass through the Heavenly Sacred Border are able to become the focus attention genius of the whole Glory City. Such a talent would be able to receive the protection of the City Lord Mansion. The City Lord Mansion will definitely protect the safety of this genius. They will not allow anyone to disturb his/her training. At the same time, there would also be lots of privileges.

The reason why Glory City has not toppled under the threats of the demon beasts is highly connected to the geniuses of Glory City. It is exactly the rising of these genius, that Glory City managed to maintain itself. Therefore, Glory City’s protection towards geniuses are very complete and thoughtful.

Under the guidance of Ye Sheng and the teachers, Xiao Ning’er walked towards the grand building. She lowered her head as began to daydream a little. She’s wondering how Nie Li is doing.

‘I have to continue to chase after you, fight side by side with you. And, one day, you will finally pay attention to me!” Xiao Ning’er thought to herself. Her face had a hint of charming blush. She recalled all the encounters with Nie Li. Unknowingly, Nie Li’s figure could no longer disappear from her heart.

The reason to why Xiao Ning’er is trying so hard, half of the reason is to grab Nie Li’s attention.

Xiao Ning’er raised her head, walking forward in big steps.

Several days later, Glory City’s Northern Martial Field

The Northern Martial Field is a field that’s a few kilometers in circumference. Their are viewing stands, enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people, surrounding the martial field. There would often be lots of competitions being hosted in this area. This is due to the fact that Glory City’s people have high interests in martial arts, therefore, there would be lots of people coming over. Many will also come over to participate in all kinds of bets.

At this moment, people of various families have already seated within the Northern Martial Field. Members of the Heavenly Marks Family were sitting at a corner of the north side. Their distance from the Sacred Family isn’t far.

In the past, no one would pay attention to a declining family like the Heavenly Marks Family. But now, no family would neglect the Heavenly Marks Family.

What makes others jealous, envious, and hateful, is that Director Yang Xin of the Alchemist Association is also here. She even brought three elders of the Alchemist Association over and was sitting right beside the Heavenly Marks Family. They were talking and were laughing with the Heavenly Marks Family. This caused other families to be burning with jealousy.

Normally, they would try their best to curry up to figures like Yang Xin and the Alchemist Association’s elders, but, no matter what they tried, they still wouldn’t get any attention. They would never be in their eyes. However, Yang Xin’s expressions have been polite towards the people from the Heavenly Marks Family.

“Little brother Nie Li, that pot of yours almost killed big sister Yang Xin. How are you planning to make it up to your big sister?” Yang Xin said, charmingly looking at Nie Li. Truth is, the situation wasn’t so serious. The people that tried to kill her on that day were taken care of in a flash by her bodyguards. There was no danger. However, in front of Nie Li, she made it sounded so serious.

Nie Li, naturally, knows what Yang Xin wants. He lightly smiled and said, “About this matter, I’ll owe big sister Yang a favour.”

“Good!” Yang Xin smiled, giving her soft waist a stretch and said, “Why hasn’t this tournament started yet. I’m starting to get a little bored.. Is little brother Nie Li going up too? Big sister will have to pay close attention to that!”

Several other men of a few other families saw the curvy and charming Yang Xin with widened eyes, unable to shift their gaze off her. When they saw her plump chest when she stretched, they couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

Because Yang Xin has unparalleled beauty, her high status, no one dared to go forward. Who would joke around? She is someone who can decide a family’s fate. Who would dare to be rash around her?

Yang Xin has already got used to those heated gazes, and turned a blind eye against them. Instead, her gaze would occasionally fall on Nie Li.

While Nie Li and Yang Xin were chatting, several people from the Sacred Family walked over. The one taking the lead is the Main Affairs Elder of the Sacred Family, Shen Ming.

“Director Yang, long time no see! Never thought that you would be interested in the martial tournament between a few families.” Shen Ming said, smiling. His eyes flashed a hint of fear. He never thought that the Heavenly Marks Family would actually have the ability to call Director Yang and three other elders of the Alchemist Association over.

Although the Sacred Family is one of the three Major families, in the face of a powerful force like the Alchemist Association, they still have a deep fear for repercussions. Without mentioning others, the Sacred Family still has to buy a huge amount of elixirs from the Alchemist Association yearly. If the Alchemist Association were to suddenly reduce the share of the Sacred Family’s, they will be greatly affected.

“I’m not interested towards the martial tournament. I’m only here to watch little brother Nie Li. I might even place a bet too. I heard that the Sacred Family is the banker this year.” Yang Xin said, smiling.

Little brother Nie Li? Shen Ming’s gaze swept across Nie Li’s face, secretly thinking about the relationship between Nie Li and Yang Xin.

“Correct. We, the Sacred Family, are indeed the bankers this year. Director Yang is also interested to place one or two bets?” Shen Ming’s expression stiffened for a moment. Who doesn’t know about the Alchemist Association being extremely rich now? Even if it’s the Sacred Family, they couldn’t afford to play with them.

“I’m just casually playing. My bet will be on little brother Nie Li alone. Main Affairs Ming, you don’t have to worry about it, haha!” Yang Xin said, lightly laughing.

Nie Li’s gaze looked towards Shen Ming, and then shifted onto Shen Fei beside Shen Ming. He only saw that Shen Ming had the vicious eyes of a snake, looking at him. Not only was there hatred for stealing his fiancée, Shen Fei simply hated Nie Li to death. If it wasn’t for Yang Xin backing him up, he would come up and bash Nie Li up.

“Haha! Young Master Shen, long time no see!” Nie Li totally ignored the vicious eyes of Shen Fei, laughed and said. As if he wasn’t aware of the grudges between them.