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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 83

Chapter 83 - You let me win

The whole Martial Field was filled with all sorts of shouts.

At this moment, at the center of the arena, Shen Fei that got his head slapped flying had his head slightly cleared up and was struggling to get up. At this point, Shen Fei’s anger soared to the sky. The reason why he did not call out his demon spirit is because of Elder Shen Ming’s instructions. He was only to beat Nie Li after twenty rounds. Who would have known that Nie Li would call out his demon spirit without any indication?

Eating a loss for no reason, Shen Fei was simply going to explode. He completely threw away what Elder Shen Ming instructed him.

“Since you asked for it, I’ll kill you!” Shen Fei angrily roared, his soul realm trembling. A demon spirit aura emitted out from his body.

The one that Shen Fei had integrated with, is an extremely powerful Scarlet Black Tiger demon spirit. The Scarlet Black Tiger is an extremely frightening demon beast. This demon spirit was hunted by the Patriarch of the Sacred Family himself. It’s a 1-star Black Gold rank demon beast, therefore, extremely strong. Strong enough to allow Shen Fei’s strength to soar several times.

“Young Master Shen Fei is finally going to use this demon spirit......”

The audience was heated up.

“This aura......”

“Heavens! It’s too horrifying! It’s actually a Scarlet Black Tiger!”

Scarlet Black Tiger versus the Fanged Panda? The outcome is very easily predictable. Almost everyone felt that the Fanged Panda will be handled after one move.

Shen Fei’s aura kept soaring. The aura of the Sacred Black Tiger is very strong, causing everyone to be shocked by its power.

Nie Hai, Nie En, and bunch couldn’t remain seated anymore. With Nie Li’s Fanged Panda, it’s absolutely impossible to compete against the Scarlet Black Tiger. The gap between their strengths is too great!

“What now? Let’s get Xiao Li to surrender!”

Those who bet on Shen Fei were yelling excitedly. They were cheering for Shen Fei. In their views, this match is Shen Fei’s win!

Eventually, all the voices stopped.

Just when Shen Fei was operating his soul realm within his body, at the crucial moment of him calling out his demon spirit, Nie Li took a few steps forward, and threw a slap at the back of Shen Fei’s head.


Shen Fei, who was about to merge with his demon spirit, had, once again, slammed heavily onto the ground, causing a huge crater to appear. Shen Fei’s merging process was interfered. That surging aura, dispersed. Shen Fei, at this moment, is simply a tragic sight to see. That originally handsome face, was slapped to the point that it was closely stuck to the ground.

And the culprit who did this, Nie Li, is currently stretching himself.


The whole arena was shocked!

Nie Hai, Nie En, Yang Xin, and bunch were also all dumbfounded.

“Despicable! Too shameless!” Nie Hai, Nie En, and bunch felt their faces heating up. They were getting the feeling of having their dignity thrown away. Is this still the Heavenly Marks Family? This... The Heavenly Marks Family’s lineage actually taught such a despicable younger generation?

Even those that bet on Nie Li to win had their face redden. Although Nie Li had the upper hand, this... doesn’t seem to be right.

In these few years of the tournament between geniuses, since when have they seen such a battle before.

In the previous tournaments, they were all learning from each other’s martial arts, all are very particular about martial spirits. Usually, the two sides would call out their demon spirits and then compete with each other. They have never seen anything like what Nie Li’s done. He call out his demon spirit without any indication, and even interrupted others who were summoning their demon spirit.

Those on the Sacred Family’s side were nearly jumping up.

“Heavenly Marks Family, your family is too despicable! Such a battle is simply one sided!” Members of the Sacred Family yelled at the Heavenly Marks Family.

Although Nie Hai, Nie En, and bunch felt that Nie Li’s action is a little too despicable, they can’t show it on the faces in front of the Sacred Family, “Have we violate any of the tournament’s rules? You’re not in the position to accuse us!”

“Do I need you to teach me about my Heavenly Marks Family’s matters?”

“Is your Sacred Family’s Young Master Shen Fei being too stupid? He’s simply pigheaded. He’s obviously a Demon spiritualist and yet he did not summon his demon spirit before engaging a battle. Had his back facing his opponent when summoning his demon spirit, who’s to blame?”

At this moment, Yang Xin looked at Shen Ming and lightly said, “Main Affairs Elder Shen Ming, it couldn’t be that your Sacred Family can’t afford the loss right?” Although Nie Li is indeed a little shameless, she still stood on Nie Li’s side.

Looking at the situation on the arena, Yang Xin’s smile became even more charming. Nie Li, is simply unpredictable. From the outer looks of it, he looks kind and pure, but deep inside to his bones, he is simply cunning! He is obviously perverted all the time, but when someone is tempting him, he had a firm resolution in his attitude.

Shen Ming’s facial expression sullened. Nie Li is too cunning, he can only admit defeat. Since Nie Li agreed to have 3 rounds, the first round means nothing. Knowing that Nie Li’s demon spirit is a Fanged Panda, Shen Ming coldly sneered in his heart. He’ll consider this round his loss, next round, he will get all his money back!

Shen Ming threw a glance at Yang Xin and said, “Of course not. Such little money, my Sacred Family can still afford to lose it!”

At this moment, in the arena, Shen Fei, who is lying on the floor, is simply going to explode. After getting the two big slap from Nie Li, his face was heavily smashed into the ground. Blood was coming from his nose and his face was full of bruises. Earlier, when he wanted to merge with his demon spirit, his soul realm was rattled from Nie Li’s slap, causing the merging to fail.

“Young Master Shen Fei, are you okay? We’re only learning from each other by fighting, no point going beyond that. If you can’t stand, then just surrender!” Nie Li crouch down beside Shen Fei.


Once he surrendered, fifty million demon spirit coins would be gone!

He isn’t willing to do so!

He let out a furious snort, and once again, surged his soul realm. A demon spirit figure appeared. He was preparing to merge with the demon spirit. Waves and waves of powerful aura was emitting out of the body. His body was transforming. He had canine teeth and sharp claws. Bursts of roars was let out from the Scarlet Black Tiger, the power it’s emitting was terrifying.

‘Once I merged with my demon spirit, your Fanged Panda cannot fight me. You want to obstruct me from merging with my demon spirit? That’s simply impossible. The flames of the Scarlet Black Tiger is enough to burn you to ashes!’ Shen Fei thought to himself. Flames erupted from his body.

“Young Master Shen Fei is about to show his power!”

“This is the scarlet flame merging of the Scarlet Black Tiger! That flame is extremely fierce, it’d burn everything around it to ashes!”

“This is really worthy of the Young Master Shen. For him to actually have such a combat ability. This time, Nie Li is doomed! He can’t even get close to the scarlet flames. Once Young Master Shen Fei’s merging is complete, he can take down the Fanged Panda in one move!”

“How is a demon spirit like the Fanged Panda an opponent of the Scarlet Black Tiger? Although he had the upper hands earlier, so what?”

The voices in the arena surged.

“Scarlet flames? Very powerful?” At this moment, Nie Li, who has merged with Fanged Panda, wasn’t affected by the flames even though he is standing within the scarlet flames.

Shen Fei’s Scarlet Black Tiger isn’t bad, but compared to Nie Li’s Fanged Panda, the distance is too great! No one else will ever be able to imagine the power of his Fanged Panda. How can a combat ability of such a small level hurt the Fanged Panda?

However, now is not the time to show this strength.

Just when Shen Fei was about to finish merging with his demon spirit, Nie Li raised his leg and mercilessly stepped on Shen Fei. Shen Fei’s soul realm was shocked once again, causing the merging to fail. The demon spirit within his soul realm is still not out.

The voices within the arena came to a halt. Everyone was dumbfounded. What they had imagined as scenes of the Fanged Panda rolling around the ground due to the scarlet flames did not appear in front of them. Instead, the scenes of Shen Fei being stepped on mercilessly was before them.

“Merging failure again?”

“How can this be?”

‘This stepping feels awesome. I’ve vented out for Ning’er!’ Nie Li thought to himself. Shen Fei was tortured by him pretty badly, however, Nie Li doesn’t look like he’ll stop anytime soon.

“I heard that Young Master Shen Fei is a flower veteran. You’ve played quite a number of girls. For the sake of Young Master Shen Fei, don’t play around any more girls in the future!” Nie Li kicked at Shen Fei’s spot. From today onwards, he’s afraid that Shen Fei can no longer do the humane way.

Those that bet on Shen Fei to win rolled their eyes endlessly. Originally, when they heard the screaming sounds, they thought that there were chances of coming back. However, the few kicks of Nie Li’s had, once again, destroyed their thoughts.

“”Pei pei pei, really unlucky. To actually lose like this!”

[TLN: Spitting sounds]

“Blame it on that pigheaded Shen Fei. He’s so over confident to the point that he didn’t summon his demon spirit and started the battle! In the end, he didn’t even have the chance to call out his demon spirit!”

“But that Heavenly Marks Family’s guy is really underhanded. He did not giving Shen Fei the chance to call out his demon spirit! This is a violation of the martial spirit!”

Thinking of the battle process, they had thoughts of crying. After meeting such a shameless guy like Nie Li, what else can they say? Although they can condemn Nie Li morally, there isn’t such a rule in the tournament!

Shen Ming can see that Nie Li wouldn’t give Shen Fei the chance to merge with his demon spirit. Continuing this match on will only end with the un-merged Shen Fei getting beaten up by Nie Li.

“This match, I, the Sacred Family surrender, please stop!” Shen Ming angrily said. His voice sounded throughout the whole arena. Everyone can feel the anger within his tone.

The audience were smiling bitterly. This is the most nonsensical battle they have seen.

At this moment, Shen Ning and Shen Xiao of the Sacred Family were both looking at each other. They never thought that Shen Fei would actually lose the fight in this way. Aside from Shen Fei making Nie Li show a little of the Fanged Panda’s power, he did not even test out the true strength of Nie Li. See the Fanged Panda merged Nie Li looking so harmless, they can’t help feeling a little contempt.

As they watched Shen Fei getting beaten up so badly, they did not feel sad, they were secretly laughing within their hearts. The direct descendents’ young master is really spoilt. He has so little intelligence. They heard that Shen Fei often plays with women, so he probably emptied his foundation, therefore lost to Nie Li. The money that Shen Fei lost, they will definitely win it back. The young master of the family is a rubbish, now it’s time for them to show themselves!

Hearing Shen Ming’s words, Nie Li secretly felt depressed. Admitting lost so fast was not fun at all. Nie Li stepped on Shen Fei’s body one more time before cupping his hands and said, “Hahaha, this fight is really fun! Brother Shen, thanks for letting me win!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, everyone was dumbfounded. Nie Li is simply shameless to no extent.

Fun? More like only Nie Li had fun. From start to end, Nie Li has been beating up Shen Fei was already on the ground, and did not giving Shen Fei the chance to retaliate. As for letting him win, in this match, it does really seem as though Shen Fei let Nie Li win. After all, he did not merging with his demon spirit and continuously let Nie Li bash him up.

The ones that lost money because of Shen Fei were cursing.

“Damn, what is he playing at?!”

“It couldn’t be that the Alchemist Association colluded with the Sacred Family to make us lose, right?!”

“Making me lose so much money, people of the Sacred Family, your daddy will hate you for my entire life!”

[TLN: I bet you guys seen it a lot about people addressing themselves as LaoZi = Your daddy when they speak, so I don’t think I’d need to explain anymore.]

At this moment, at the corner of the audience seat, the spectating Ye Ziyun couldn’t help laughing. When she heard that the tournament was held by the Sacred Family and that the Heavenly Marks Family would also participate, she was a little worried for Nie Li. Therefore, she hurriedly came over, hid at one corner, and watched.

She originally thought that Nie Li would suffer the loss. But looking at Nie Li’s lively figure again, she realised that her worries were redundant. Until now, no one made Nie Li suffer a loss. That pair of big clear eyes of hers when looking at Nie Li’s back figure, were narrowed as she smiled.

Ye Ziyun just sat in one corner like that. That elegant and charming look of hers caused everyone to glance at her. They did not know that she is the daughter of the City Lord. Still, such a beautiful girl is rarely seen.