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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Goddesss Breakfast

Dawn Twilight

It’s time for Shen Xiu’s lesson again. However, Nie Li, Du Ze and Lu Piao felt that her lessons were simply pointless and boring. All she did was gabble away at the stage daily. Of course, during Shen Xiu’s lesson, Nie Li, Du Ze, and Lu Piao would be standing at the back of the class. The lesson will be starting soon and students were gathering in small groups, chit chatting.

Despite Ye Ziyun’s status, she didn’t have much of a barrier with the other students. She, quickly, became friendly with many female students in the class. Naturally, Shen Yue would pridefully sit at a corner. With his status, he couldn’t be bothered to interact with the other students in the class. If it wasn’t for Ye Ziyun being in this class, he wouldn’t be coming in the first place.

At the coming test in two months time, no matter if it’s him or Ye Ziyun, both of them would definitely enter into the junior Demon Spiritist class. Shen Yue looked at Nie Li standing at the back of the class. His face stretched into a sarcastic smile.

"Reaching 1-star Bronze rank in two months, if trash like you can accomplish that, then the sun would be rising from the west!" he muttered sarcastically.

Nie Li, Du Ze and Lu Piao were at the back, chatting among themselves. In addition, there were a few commoner students that built good relationship with Nie Li’s group. Since Nie Li had a lot of ideas, he would coach them in their training from time to time. With how much he helped them, he naturally became the leader of this small group. Even Du Ze, who had more prestige within the commoner student body, was willing to listen to what Nie Li said.

In just a few days, Nie Lie led the two of them and earned roughly around sixteen thousand Demon Spirit coins. Du Ze never imagined he would earn such a large amount of money. He fully trusted and admired Nie Li, feeling that Nie Li was very capable.

"Nie Li, what’s our next step?" Du Ze asked. After all, Nie Li previously said that they were not going to continue hunting horned sheep. What are they going to do now?

"You’ll know after school!" Nie Li said, smiling mysteriously. He already had everything planned out. The first step is to buy some soul crystals to test their talent property and immediate begin their training. Nie Li still has his bet with Shen Xiu. He must become a 1-star Bronze rank Demon Spiritist in two months!

Leaving his training aside, Nie Li looked towards Ye Ziyun who was sitting with a group of girls chit chatting. How can he get close to Ye Ziyun? How can her get Ye Ziyun to fall for him?

Just as Nie Li was lost in his thoughts, Xiao Ning’er, who was sitting at the front row, suddenly stood up and walked towards Nie Li’s direction.

Xiao Ning’er was the only girl in the class who is beautiful, outstanding and comparable to Ye Ziyun. The two girl’s every move and action would attract the direction of everyone in the class. Ye Ziyun’s character was gentle. She never looked down on others nor was she arrogant. Therefore many commoner girls are willing to be friends with her. As for Xiao Ning’er, her character came off as cold and aloof, making her an ice beauty.

Even a girl couldn’t get close to her, let alone a boy. Could it be that Nie Li provoked Xiao Ning’er?

"Nie Li’s dead!" Seeing Xiao Ning’er’s back in their view, a few of the noble kids started to discuss while they laughed. For Xiao Ning’er to take the initiative to go to Nie Li it would certainly not be a good thing. Otherwise, how could an ice beauty like Xiao Ning’er have any relationship with Nie Li? If such a thing happened, the sun would really rise from the west.

Xiao Ning’er’s cultivation will soon reach 1-star Bronze rank’s realm. If there was any conflict between them, Nie Li would certainly be the one getting trashed!

These noble kids were prepared to watch a good show. Among them there were a lot of boys that liked Xiao Ning’er. After all, Xiao Ning’er is a super beauty that is not a bit inferior to Ye Ziyun.

Today, Xiao Ning’er deliberately wore a checker laced dress. Her ink black hair scattered around on her back. She wore a bracelet on her jade white wrist, becoming extraordinarily beautiful and charming. Usually, Xiao Ning’er would wear a tight fitting jacket as it was convenient to train with.With her beauty, the tight fitting jacket gained a unique flavor when she wore it. However, she seemed to have meticulously dressed herself up today. She was even more beautiful compared to how she usually dressed. This made it harder for the others to look away after taking a glance at her.

Being meticulously dressed up was a first for Xiao Ning’er.

Nie Li, Du Ze, and Lu Piao were talking among themselves when Xiao Ning’er reached Nie Li’s table. Xiao Ning’er seemed to have some sort of unique aura around her. As she walked her way here, Du Ze and Lu Piao nervously stood up from their seat. Xiao Ning’er’s usually icy, indifferent attitude towards others would cause other people to back away from her. The both of them are worried for Nie Li.

Xiao Ning’er looked at Nie Li as he casually sat on the chair. His gaze would occasionally look towards Ye Ziyun, causing Xiao Ning’er to be discouraged. Nie Li only had Ye Ziyun in his eyes. He doesn’t seem to even notice her existence.

Last night, after she had been massaged by Nie Li, Xiao Ning’er’s body became a lot better, and she slept particularly sweet that night. Xiao Ning’er visited the library early in the morning. She was trying to find the origin of the Daoyin Technique. However, to her surprise, the Daoyin Technique was only briefly recorded in the library. It was known as a cheat technique that was handed down from the Snow Wind Empire Age!

In addition, the cultivation technique that was modified by Nie Li became more advanced. Her soul force grew by two with only half an hour of training in the morning. The effect of that half an hour of training was even better than training for an entire day!

In the heart of Xiao Ning’er, Nie Li is a mysterious and powerful being. What made Xiao Ning’er proud was that in this class, she was the only one that knew of Nie Li’s talent! For those in the class that laughed at Nie Li were simply ignorant! She stood by the side of Nie Li’s table and quietly looked at Nie Li as he continued to talk and laugh as though nothing had happened.

Several noble kids continued to discuss quietly.

"How do you think Xiao Ning’er will teach Nie Li a lesson?"

"Nie Li’s soul force is only 5, he will probably be thrown out of the class!"

"Haha, this Nie Li doesn’t know his place. After he offended teacher Shen Xiu, he actually went and provoked Xiao Ning’er as well. His life will be very miserable!"

Even Du Ze, and Lu Piao were nervously looking at Xiao Ning’er. They didn’t understand why a prideful girl like Xiao Ning’er would suddenly walk towards them. The both of them began cursing Nie Li to death in their hearts. Nie Li actually went around looking for trouble again! If Xiao Ning’er wants to beat Nie Li up, they will naturally lend a hand. But even if the three of them worked together,they couldn’t fight against the 78 soul force of Xiao Ning’er.Xiao Ning’er will soon reach 1-star Bronze rank, becoming an actual Demon Spiritist!

At this moment, even Ye Ziyun and Shen Yue looked towards Nie Li’s direction. Ye Ziyun has some doubts. She doesn’t know how Nie Li provoked Xiao Ning’er. Could Nie Li have done "something" to Xiao Ning’er? A lecher like Nie Li should really be taught a lesson!

Everyone had doubts in their eyes. They watched as Xiao Ning’er stood in front of his table. Nie Li couldn’t help feeling a little surprised.

He raised his head and asked, "Is there something wrong?"

Currently, Nie Li didn’t know how to address Xiao Ning’er. He began to think of the things that happened yesterday. He still felt a little awkward inside of himself. After interacting with Xiao Ning’er, Nie Li realised she wasn’t that cold and aloof girl that everyone imagined. In her heart, Xiao Ning’er was actually a gentle and cute girl!

Xiao Ning’er’s right hand slightly moved.

She took out a paper bag from her interspatial ring and gently said, "This is the breakfast that I’ve made. I didn’t know what you liked to eat, so I made a few sets."

Xiao Ning’er gently placed the paper bag on the table.

What? What’s happening?

The whole classroom went silent. If a needle were to be dropped onto the floor, it would be clearly heard. Everyone thought that they misheard what Xiao Ning’er just said.

Du Ze and Lu Piao dropped their jaws and dumbly stared at the scene. With how open their mouths were, one can simply fit an egg into them. They were unable to believe the scene before their eyes. Xiao Ning’er is one of the two goddesses in their class. Even if they were compared to all the beauties in the school, they would definitely get the top few positions as the school’s top beauties. Her beauty and her usual icy cold attitude made her seem unapproachable. However, today, what do they see? Xiao Ning’er actually made breakfast for Nie Li, and even a few sets of it.

Was the sun sun rising from the west? Is this real? Everyone thought they were struck by lightning. They were standing there, dumbfounded.

"I must be dreaming, I need to wake up!" one student murmured.

"Hsss!" A few students thought that they’re also dreaming, therefore, they pinched themselves. However, the pain they felt clearly told them that this was not a dream.

"This doesn’t making sense!" A few noble kids wailed in their heart. They still don’t know what happened. They couldn’t believe the clothes and the gentleness that Xiao Ning’er revealed. They originally thought that their Ning’er goddess was going to find trouble with Nie Li. They never thought, in their wildest imaginations, that she was actually giving Nie Li breakfast! If Xiao Ning’er were to give them breakfast, even if it’s swine food, they would still find it sweet!

Xiao Ning’er usually doesn’t have many female friends. She ignored the boys that approached her, except for that trash Nie Li. She would actually put down her status to serve breakfast to Nie Li. This.....this...... simply doesn’t make any sense! Is it because Nie Li contradicted teacher Shen Xiu and was punished by standing? If so, even if they were punished to stand for several years, they, too, would contradict teacher Shen Xiu!

Xiao Ning’er did not think of it that much. She only wanted to show her gratitude to Nie Li. She didn’t even care about the opinion of what the others thought about her. After all, she has always been a lone wolf. Xiao Ning’er doesn’t care for other people’s thoughts. Those who ridiculed and contempted Nie Li, were simply ignorant. There will be a day when they realise that their view was wrong!

In this world, only she knows of Nie Li’s talent! In this moment, even Ye Zi yun and Shen Yue were stunned in their seats. They were unable to believe what they just saw. What happened was simply unbelievable!

"How is this happening?" Shen Yue’s face became sullen. ‘How could a prideful girl like Xiao Ning’er fancy trash like Nie Li, and even took the initiative to approach him?’

At this moment, Ye Ziyun felt deeply curious about Nie Li. Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er had been close friends when they were young. However, due to the decline of Xiao Ning’er’s family, the two family no longer interacted. Since then, Ye Ziyun has never made a true friend. She would, sometime, reminisce about the playful times she had with Xiao Ning’er. When she found out that Xiao Ning’er entered the Holy Orchid Institute, Ye Ziyun got her father to arrange for her to enter as well.

Because of Xiao Ning’er, Ye Ziyun began to take notice of Nie Li. What’s the reason that caused Xiao Ning’er to take the initiative to chase after someone like Nie Li with no contributions at all? She couldn’t understand the meaning behind Xiao Ning’er’s action.

"Can I sit down and eat with you?" Xiao Ning’er looked at Nie Li and then towards Du Ze and Lu Piao while she asked.

Du Ze and Lu Piao’s gaze fell onto Nie Li. Although the both of them wouldn’t dare to have any thoughts about Xiao Ning’er, having a beauty like Xiao Ning’er to sit beside them was still good to the eyes.

Nie Li was silent for a moment. He nodded his head and said, "Okay!"

Without knowing why, after seeing Xiao Ning’er, Nie Li couldn’t help to think of last night’s scene. Xiao Ning’er’s soft, boneless figure, with her creamy jade white skin still made him feel a bit awkward in his heart.

Xiao Ning’er took the breakfast out. There was all types of pastries inside. Seeing those pastries caused others to suddenly have the appetite to eat. The fragrance wafted into every corner of the classroom.

"Du Ze, Lu Piao, you guys dig in, too!" Xiao Ning’er said, looking towards Du Ze and Lu Piao.

They couldn’t help feeling flattered when Xiao Ning’er called out their names. The icy cold Ning’er goddess isn’t that hard to interact with, unlike what others have said.

"Then we’ve benefited because of Nie Li!" Lu Piao laughed as he took one of pastries and started to eat. With his mouth bulging with food, he muttered "Delicious!"

Seeing Lu Piao’s action, Du Ze became somewhat speechless. Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help but smile. Her smile was both charming and attractive, making the students in the class look somewhat dull. They rarely saw Xiao Ning’er’s smile. Their whole world collapsed in front of it.

Nie Li slightly sigh in his heart. He shared life and death with Ye Ziyun in his past life and experienced way too much. Therefore, the relationship between him and Xiao Ning’er was only friends.