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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 90

Chapter 90 - Into the City Lords Mansion

“Nie Li, why are you giving it to me?” Ye Ziyun raised her head. Those big bright eyes of hers blinked, looking at Nie Li.

“Because I love you.” Nie Li looked at Ye Ziyun, smiled and said.

“Then I can’t accept this.” Hearing Nie Li’s confession, Ye Ziyun’s cheeks blushed. She had already accepted lots of things from Nie Li. If she were to accept something more from Nie Li, she wouldn’t know how to return the favour anymore.

“How about this. Consider that you owe me a favour, in the future I will definitely have something that I need you to help me with.” Nie Li thought awhile and said. Having this stubborn beauty to accept him isn’t something easy.

“I have something that I can help you with?” Ye Ziyun lowered her head, her cheeks were flushed red.

“Of course you have something that you can help me with. You’re the daughter of the City Lord. There are tons of people out there that wished for your help, just like me! I have already integrated with a demon spirit. Furthermore, this Snow Queen’s attributes isn’t suitable for me, there’s no point in keeping it.” Nie Li looked at Ye Ziyun’s appearance as she lowered her head. He thought to himself that this girl is getting more and more pretty.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun hesitated for a moment then nodded and said, “Okay then. But the things that you need me to do mustn’t be anything bad!”

“Definitely, have you seen a man more honest than me?” Nie Li’s face changed serious and said.

Hearing that, Ye Ziyun suddenly laughed. Her laughs were like a flower blooming. This word coming from Nie Li is simply a joke. Earlier on, who messed with the Sacred Family within his grasp?

“Nie Li, I’ll accept this Snow Queen. I’ll see how this God level growth rate of yours looks like. Consider me owing you a favour. You can request for me to help you to do one thing, however, it cannot be anything bad. Otherwise, I will have my father use money to pay you for this demon spirit!” Ye Ziyun raised her hands, lightly like a butterfly and ran away.

Ye Ziyun did not realised that she had already thought of Nie Li to be someone very close to her. If it was anyone else, like Shen Yue and bunch, she would absolutely not accept.

Looking at the slender back of Ye Ziyun leaving until she was gone, Nie Li lightly smiled and murmured, “No need for long, we will meet again! In the previous and present life, fate has brought us together. Even if you want to cut it, it’s impossible.” After speaking, Nie Li turned around and left.

The news of Nie Li defeating Sacred Family’s 1-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist Shen Ning quickly spread. The whole Glory City was shaken by the news. For so many years, Glory City did not have someone this talented!

The Heavenly Marks Family was once again, under the spotlight. Everyday, the amount of people who visited the Heavenly Marks Family was simply countless.

However, Nie Li were as disappeared, isolating himself and did not meet with anyone. Those who wanted to meet Nie Li in person were all blocked by the Heavenly Marks Family.

As this news spread throughout the city, the guards of Glory City noticed the movements of the Dark Guild. They killed and arrested dozens of people from the Dark Guild. In order to ensure Nie Li’s safety, the City Lord, Ye Zong decided to get Nie Li into the City Lord Mansion to nurture.

After hearing this news, the Dark Guild slowly settled down. If Nie Li were to remain at the Heavenly Marks Family, the Dark Guild would definitely not let Nie Li off. However, since Nie Li is in the City Lord’s Mansion, they still don’t have the guts to do anything there. After all, the City Lord’s Mansion had a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist and countless Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist and Fighter experts.

Aside from Nie Li, Nie Li also brought Nie Yu into the City Lord’s Mansion. He has decided to guide Nie Yu’s cultivation. As for the Heavenly Marks Family, for the moment, there is no one that would dare to touch them. As long as he does not remain in the Heavenly Marks Family, the Dark Guild will definitely not do anything to them. Because there is simply no value and meaning to do so.

Everything is within Nie Li’s expectations. He has already planned everything up till now when he had revealed his strength in the tournament.

It’s said that when the Sacred Family’s Shen Yue heard of Nie Li’s Gold rank strength and entered into the City Lord’s Mansion to stay, he vomited blood in grief and indignant. Originally, he had a little bit of hope for Ye Ziyun. But now, he knows that he doesn’t have any hope anymore.

When Yang Xin heard of this news in the Alchemist Association, she understood why Nie Li was so confident. Nie Li probably expected to be brought to the City Lord’s Mansion. In the future, when she want to see Nie Li, she would have to go to the City Lord’s Mansion.

Sacred Family

Sacred Family’s Patriarch, Shen Hong has finally come out from his isolated training. In this period of isolation, his cultivation had made a big step. However, he still has yet to step into Legend rank Demon Spiritualist realm. The Legend rank Demon Spiritualist isn’t easy to reach. As his cultivation went up, he understood this point.

He wondered how that old fart, Ye Mo, broke through that realm. Everyday, he was thinking of the fact that his age was getting older and older. His cultivation had signs of declining. This caused him to be more and more anxious.

After he was aware of the bet, he became thunderously furious. Shen Ming has been relatively safe with doing things, which was why he has always been worry free. However, he never imagined that Shen Ming would actually commit such a huge mistake. Losing four hundred and fifty million demon spirit coins in one fell swoop! That much money can buy lots of elixirs and nurture who knows how many younger generations.

“Shen Ming! Do you know your wrongs!” Shen Hong sat at the high chair, coldly staring that the Shen Ming that is kneeling down below.

Feeling that terrifying gaze of Shen Hong’s, Shen Ming’s body trembled in fear. He hastily said, “Please forgive me Patriarch! We never thought that Nie Li of the Heavenly Marks Family would actually have the cultivation of a Gold rank at such a young age! We weren’t aware of that and was tricked by him. Please look on the part that where I have contributed so much to the Sacred Family......”

“Silence!” Shen Hong furiously swept his gaze at Shen Ming.

Shen Ming suddenly went into silence, not daring to speak anymore.

Shen Hong pondered in silence. Losing four hundred and fifty million demon spirit coins at this time, is not enough to affect the foundation of the Sacred Family. But what made him feel pressure is that, in the period of time when he was isolated, the relationship between the Sacred Family and the Heavenly Marks Family had reached to the point of fire and water. Originally, a small family like the Heavenly Marks Family wouldn’t be something the Sacred Family would be bothered by. But the youngster Nie Li has made him unable to ignore them anymore.

A thirteen year old teen actually has the strength of a Gold rank. His talent even made Shen Hong jealous. Who could predict how far this teen will grow ? Once this teen grows up, whether it’s the Sacred Family or the Dark Guild, he will pose a great threat to them.

This threat must be diminished. If this Nie Li doesn’t have any grudge with the Sacred Family, Shen Hong might be able to spare him. However, this Nie Li has been going against with the Sacred Family from the start. He must definitely end him.

Now that Nie Li has been protected by the City Lord’s Mansion, to kill Nie Li would be difficult.

‘I don’t believe that you will stay in the City Lord’s Mansion all the time and not come out!’ Shen Hong coldly thought. He looked at Shen Ming kneeling at the floor and said, “Shen Ming, you know of the house rules of the Sacred Family. According to the house rules, your grieve mistake this time will have you killed without any exception. However, considering that you’re a veteran in the Sacred Family and have made so much contributions to the Sacred Family, I give you a chance to redeem yourself......”

Hearing Shen Hong’s words, the original ashened eyes of Shen Ming suddenly flashed with a look of hope. He raised his head and asked, “As long as Patriarch orders it, whether it’s climbing the knife mountains or down the flaming sea, I will do whatever it takes!”

“Very good. Bring some men to kill Nie Li. As long as you manage to kill Nie Li, I will have people send you out of the city and give you the Main Affairs position in the Dark Guild!” Shen Hong said.

“But Nie Li is in the City Lord’s Mansion......” Shen Ming knows about the things between the Sacred Family and the Dark Guild. Either he kills Nie Li, or he dies. There is no other choice.

“He will come out one day!” Shen Hong lightly said.

“Understood, as according to your order!” Shen Ming’s eyes flashed a hint of viciousness. He understood that this is the only chance of living he has. Otherwise, with Shen Hong’s method, he will definitely not even have his bones left!

“Shen Ming, I have treated you very well. Don’t disappoint me!” Shen Hong’s right hand rotated the thumb ring on his left hand.

Hearing Shen Hong’s deep voice, Shen Ming couldn’t help trembling. Other than him, his family’s lives are all in the hands of Shen Hong. He can only give it a gamble!