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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 95

Chapter 95 - City Lord is very helpless

Ye Ziyun silently sent Nie Li to the door of her yard, after being silent for a moment, Ye Ziyun lowered her head and said, “Nie Li, don’t look for me anymore.”

“Why?” Nie Li slightly frowned as he asked Ye Ziyun.

Ye Ziyun raised her head to look at Nie Li. Those clear bright eyes were written with deep sorrow and asked, “You’re not afraid of death? You’re not afraid that my father will kill you?”

“Kill me? If you father wanted to kill me, he would already have done so earlier.” Nie Li’s eyes were deep, “Or at least have me expelled from the City Lord’s Mansion. If he were to expel me from the City Lord’s Mansion, I will definitely die, without a doubt. The Dark Guild will definitely not let me off. However, he did not do so.”

“Why didn’t he do so?” Ye Ziyun’s eyes flashed with a hint of confusion.

Nie Li looked at the direction which Ye Zong is walking. That back figure of his was like an iron tower, so lonely and desolate under the sunset. In that moment, Nie Li suddenly understood a lot and said, “This is a matter between guys. Anyways, all you need to do now is listen to me.”

At this moment, Nie Li understood. It wasn’t that Ye Zong doesn’t care for Ye Ziyun. It’s just that Ye Zong’s shoulders have have too much to bear.

“Why should I listen to you?” Ye Ziyun pouted in dissatisfaction. She felt too much wronged today. Although her relationship with Ye Zong wasn’t close, there isn’t anything to talk about between fathers and daughters. However, it’s the first time she received such a cold reprimand from her father. Ye Ziyun felt hurt in her heart.

That fuming look of Ye Ziyun’s was exceptionally charming.

“Cough cough!” Nie Li spat out a few mouthfuls of fresh blood. Bitterly smiling, he said, “You’re sending me back like this?”

“How bad are your injuries?” Look at Nie Li’s situation, Ye Ziyun immediately concernedly asked, and hurriedly held Nie Li.

“My injuries are too heavy! I’ll probably have to stay here for two days to heal myself!” Nie Li said, holding his chest.

Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li. Her gaze went into a daze. Is there still anyone more shameless than Nie Li? What is in that head of his? After being wounded by her father, he actually wants to stay here for two days? Is Nie Li’s head full of paste? Isn’t he afraid of her father killing him under an uncontrolled rage?

At this moment, at a corner of the City Lord’s Mansion. Two figures were proudly standing.

One of them is Ye Zong that just came out from Ye Ziyun’s yard. The other one is President Gu Yan of the Alchemist Association.

“City Lord, you wounded him too badly! If that master of his were to act up, it’s definitely not a good thing for Glory City.” Gu Yan bitterly smiled as he looked at Ye Zong and said.

“I hurt him too badly?” Murderous intent was still emitting from Ye Zong’s gaze , “It’s good enough that I did not kill him. This brat actually dared to flirt with my daughter in my mansion and even ruined my daughter’s purity!”

Gu Yan is also helpless. Nie Li has indeed gone too far with this. Flirting the City Lord’s daughter in his mansion, this kind of thing, only Nie Li would dare to do it. The City Lord is already very lenient by not killing Nie Li.

“Then why didn’t City Lord throw him out of the City Lord’s Mansion?”

“What’s the use of throwing him out? This kid integrated with god knows what demon spirit. To actually have the void combat ability. Aside from the few Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists that are able to sense where he is, he can come and go in the City Lord’s Mansion unhindered! Furthermore, I don’t know what’s going on with that girl, to be taken by that kid so easily! This is really making me mad. Could it be that I have to lock my daughter up in some secret place?” Ye Zong snorted, “This kid is already a Gold rank Demon Spiritualist at such a young age. Furthermore, he contributed a few elixir formulas, made huge contributions to Glory City. Glory City might even need to rely on him in the future for safety. For Glory City, I can only endure this anger!”

Hearing Ye Zong’s words, not knowing why, Gu Yan found it a little funny. The grand and majestic City Lord is actually helpless towards a thirteen year old kid.

“Thirteen years old and already dares to come in the City Lord’s Mansion to flirt. How did this kid’s head grow? In my view, if Ziyun followed him, she might even suffer. I heard that up till now, this kid does not have only one girl. Winged Dragon Family’s doll and Huyan Family’s doll, this kid will definitely not stick to one wife in the future!” Ye Zong felt endless indignant.

[T/N: Doll = girl]

“Then what does the City Lord prepare to do?” Gu Yan looked at Ye Zong, laughing as he asked.

“What can I do? I can only endure it!” Ye Zong clenched his teeth. Ever since he became the City Lord, he has never compromised like this before, “Earlier on, if this kid had shown a hint of being spineless and hid behind Ziyun, even if I have to risk offending that super expert behind him, I would have to kill him! However, at least he has that little backbone. Even if he has many girls in the future, I don’t think he’ll let Ziyun down.”

Hearing Ye Zong’s words, Gu Yan felt relieved in his heart. It’s good so long as this matter has not reached to the stage of irreversible.

“Gu Yan, do you know what the Soul Reversal technique is?” Ye Zong suddenly thought of something and asked Gu Yan.

Gu Yan shook his head and said, “I’m not clear about it either!”

“According to this kid’s words, if he used the Soul Reversal technique, he can even defeat me. However, it seems that the side effect of this Soul Reversal technique is also very big, after using it, he’ll definitely die. Probably the last resort that the master behind him taught him. If possible, President Gu Yan, try to get this Soul Reversal technique out of this kid’s mouth!” Ye Zong went silent for a moment and said.

Gu Yan was stunned for a moment and asked, “Could it be that City Lord intends to use this Soul Reversal technique? Absolutely not! Didn’t the City Lord say that this Soul Reversal technique has huge drawbacks?”

Ye Zong remained silent for a moment then sighed in a low-spirit, “Forbidden techniques like this can’t be used unless there is no other way. However, there’s no harm having preparation. In recent times, the Dark Guild has been going more and more out of control!”

“Could it be that there are some news from Lord Ye Mo?” Gu Yan looked at Ye Zong, puzzled and asked.

“Right, the Dark Guild wants to drive the demon beasts to destroy Glory City!”

“Drive the demon beasts to destroy Glory City? What benefits do they have with that?” Gu Yan felt a chill in his heart and asked. “Is the Dark Guild insane? If Glory City is destroyed, can they survive it?”

“They might have some methods to avoid the demon beasts attacks!” Ye Zong said.

Gu Yan thought awhile and said, “Why not have a talk with Nie Li about it? Perhaps Nie Li has some solution to it!”

“Beg him?” Ye Zong’s facial expression sullen down, “Not killing him is already me being polite to him. To have me to go and beg him is absolutely impossible!”

Hearing Ye Zong’s words, Gu Yan bitterly smiled. He wasn’t sure if he can be the mediator between them.

At this moment, in Ye Ziyun’s room

Nie Li is currently sitting crossed legged on the bed and practising. Although Nie Li was heavily wounded by Ye Zong, causing Nie Li’s soul realm to have cracks. But, because of this, he had signs of breakthrough and progress. He continuously practised. Soul force was revolving around him. After soul forming, Nie Li’s cultivation had another obvious breakthrough. His soul force will soon be able to take another step up.

Ye Ziyun did not stay in the same room as Nie Li. She harmonized awhile, thinking of her father’s strict face, and sighed. Her mother died early, her relationship with her father was never close. Ever since she was young, her father had a strict demand. He continuously had her practise, which is why her cultivation and knowledge is a step higher than her peers. However, the strictness from her father today, was something she has never seen before.

“Nie Li, what should I do with you?” Thinking back, when Nie Li clearly knew that he couldn’t be her father’s opponent, he still stood in front of her. It caused a slight ripple in her heart. Although Nie Li is a bit jerk, and a little ridiculous, in the crucial moment, he’s still brave. This caused her heart to be tangled and distressed.

At the same time, her father’s reaction caused Ye Ziyun to be deeply puzzled. She originally thought that her father would do something terrifying out of anger. However, she never thought that her father would only gave her a requirement, which is to reach Gold rank Demon Spiritualist in one year.

Ye Ziyun very much wishes to know what her father is thinking. But, no matter how, she will still work very hard to practise and not let her father down.