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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 97

Chapter 97 - Into the Heavenly Sacred Border

“I bet that you’re not aware of it, but Ning’er has already entered the Heavenly Sacred Border!” Lu Piao suddenly said as he stood by the side. “She entered the Heavenly Sacred Border? Why didn’t she inform me about it?” Nie Li was stunned for a moment before he shockingly asked.

“You returned to the Heavenly Marks Family, then joined the tournament, then you entered the City Lord’s Mansion. It’s difficult for us to even look for you!” Lu Piao helplessly said as he threw his hands out.

‘With Ning’er’s talent and cultivation, there shouldn’t be any problems entering the Heavenly Sacred Border. However, we can’t rule out something unexpected happening!’ Nie Li were drowned in his thoughts. He raised his head, looked at Lu Piao, Du Ze, and the others and said, “Come on, we’ll go too!”

Nie Li has always wanted to check out the Heavenly Sacred Border since long ago. In the Heavenly Sacred Border, there is a treasure that he desperately needs. Since he knows that Ning’er has entered the Heavenly Sacred Border, Nie Li could no longer remain seated. Knowing about Ning’er from his previous life, Nie Li felt pity and admiration for her strong character. That “dare to love and hate” character of hers. Ning’er did not hide her feelings for him at all. Although Nie Li already has Ye Ziyun in his heart; no matter what, Ning’er was also one of the people he cherishes.

“What happens if you encounter a problem after leaving the City Lord’s Mansion?” Du Ze said, furrowing his brows for a moment.

“It’s no big deal, I have an idea. I can leave after disguising myself a bit. Wei Nan, Zhu Xiang Jin, Zhang Ming, the three of you stay here and look after my sister! My room is over there. You guys can train there.” Nie Li said as he looked at his three friends.

“Okay, leave it to us!” The three of them agreed.

“Xiao Yu, stay here and diligently train. I’ll be back in a few days.” Nie Li said, rubbing Nie Yu’s head.

“Okay, Big brother Nie Li, be careful and return fast!” Nie Yu nodded sensibly.

After leaving a few instructions behind, Nie Li changed his appearance into Wei Nan’s. Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch were dumbfounded when they saw him. Nie Li’s disguising method is simply too amazing. By simply applying something on his face, he could change his appearance. Aside from the clothes, he looked exactly like Wei Nan.

“In this world, is there anything you don’t know?” Du Ze bitterly laughed while looking at Nie Li.

“Never thought that you’d have this method. Amazing!” Lu Piao’s eyes widened. With this method, Nie Li doesn’t have the need to hide inside the City Lord’s Mansion at all. Even if he were to stroll in the main street, the Dark Guild probably couldn’t even recognize Nie Li.

“As an expert, it’s a must to have all kinds of life insurance methods!” Nie Li said, lightly laughing. This is extremely easy. This is a piece of cake for him and not any profound method. A real expert could recognize someone by their aura. After cultivating to Legend rank, a really superb disguise could even change the height and aura around the body as well as changing their appearance, causing the opponent to be unable to recognize them.

Without any extraordinary means, it’s not possible to get rid of the rebirthed Nie Li. Even when facing Ye Ziyun’s father, Nie Li held back some methods. That’s only because those methods are too vicious. If used, both sides would definitely suffer, which Nie Li doesn’t wish to see. No matter what, he is the father of Ye Ziyun. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be beaten so miserably by a Black Gold rank expert.

“Right, I forgot to give you guys something!” Nie Li’s right hand moved, retrieving five demon spirit crystals. These were all the demon spirits that Nie Li had refined. Every single one of them have God level growth rates.

“What are these? Demon spirit crystals?” Lu Piao placed both his hands on his hips and proudly chuckled, “Recently, I have been diligently training at home and broke through to the Silver rank. My old man was happy and rewarded me with a Gold rank demon spirit which I have already integrated. Therefore, I don’t need it anymore! After integrating with a Gold rank demon spirit, I will soon step to the pinnacle and become a powerful Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, hahaha!”

“I was preparing to give you a Scarlet Demon Leopard that has a God level growth rate. It’s able to grow to Legend rank. Since you don’t want it, then forget it!” Nie Li shrugged, passing a demon spirit crystal over to Du Ze and bunch, “This is an Abyss Tiger belonging to the Fighter-type demon spirit class. There are also three separate demon spirits of the Holy-type, Sacred Flame-type and the Heavenly-type. They were prepared for you guys.” Nie Li looked at Wei Nan, Zhu Xiangjun and Zhang Ming.

Du Ze and bunch had already made up their minds to follow Nie Li, therefore they weren’t modest about this and received the demon spirit crystals from Nie Li. They curiously checked these demon spirit crystals. They didn’t know if these demon spirits were as strong as Nie Li described them to be. They still have no idea what a God level growth rate means. But Nie Li said that they were able to grow to Legend rank. They must be extremely strong.

God level growth rate? Grow to Legend rank?

Are there such powerful demon spirits?

“You said that this can grow to the Legend rank, is that true?” Du Ze curiously asked.

“Definitely true!” Nie Li nodded his head. Truth is, Nie Li missed out on one point. The demon spirit that Nie Li gave them, will not only stop at Legend rank. Their growth will be unpredictable in the future, however, even if Nie Li told them about it now, they wouldn’t able to understand it.

“Hehe, Nie Li, we’re good brothers, right? Can I have a look at this demon spirit?” Lu Piao put out his hands, chuckled and said.

Seeing Lu Piao, Nie Li laughed. He did not play any jokes on Lu Piao. Waving his right hand, he threw the demon spirit crystal with the Scarlet Demonic Leopard over to Lu Piao.

“Lu Piao, quickly throw away that Gold rank demon spirit of yours. Slowly integrate with this one after you return. We’ll first go to the institute, into the Heavenly Sacred Border!” Nie Li said. As Xiao Ning’er is still in the Heavenly Sacred Border, Nie Li is rather worried.

After all, Nie Li did not enter the Heavenly Sacred Border before in his previous life. He has no idea how the Heavenly Sacred Border looks like. He only roughly knows what’s hidden inside.

“Okay.” Lu Piao and Du Ze nodded their heads.

The three of them exited the City Lord’s Mansion, and moved towards the direction of the Holy Orchid Institute.

Holy Orchid Institute

“Vice-Principal Ye Sheng, why hasn’t Xiao Ning’er come out after entering for so long?” Several teachers by the side nervously looked at Ye Sheng and asked.

Ye Sheng was also frowning his brows. The amount of time Xiao Ning’er has remained inside was longer compared to others. Under normal circumstances, the higher the talent, the longer they will stay inside. As for those with weaker talent, they would come out very fast. However, wasn’t the amount of time Xiao Ning’er spent inside a little too long?

“Vice-Principal Ye Sheng, three students came looking for you!” One teacher walked in from outside, “They are the students of the Genius class!”

“Bring them in!” Vice-Principal Ye Sheng nodded his head and said.

A moment later, Nie Li and bunch were brought in. Nie Li has already removed the disguise on his face. Seeing Nie Li entering, Ye Sheng’s eyes narrowed. He has a deep impression of Nie Li. During the year examination, both Nie Li’s strength and soul force was only 1-star Bronze rank. But not long after, Nie Li joined the tournament and revealed strength that was able to rival Gold rank. Such shocking changes so soon caused him to feel something was wrong.

The strength test could’ve been false, but how can the soul force test be faked?

Even if Ye Sheng thought about it till his brain exploded, he still wouldn’t be able to figure it out. No matter what, it’s something worth celebrating that such a genius has appeared in the institute.

“Vice-Principal Ye Sheng, I wish to enter the Heavenly Sacred Border, there shouldn’t be any problems, right?” Nie Li asked, looking at Ye Sheng.

“With your strength, there is absolutely no problem in entering the Heavenly Sacred Border!” Ye Sheng nodded his head. In order to enter the Heavenly Sacred Border, one must be the front ranking of the genius class. But with Nie Li’s current strength, there is already no one that could be his opponent in the genius class.

“Thanks a lot, Vice-Principal! I will now enter the Heavenly Sacred Border!” Nie Li said, cupping his hands towards Ye Sheng.

Ye Sheng also knew that Nie Li’s relationship with Xiao Ning’er is extremely good. It’s possible to let Nie Li in to have a look since Xiao Ning’er hasn’t come out after such a long time.

A group of people sent Nie Li to the entrance of the Heavenly Sacred Border. Looking from afar, a door appeared within Nie Li’s sight.

In his previous life, Nie Li did not enter the Heavenly Sacred Border. His understanding towards the Heavenly Sacred Border was obtained from books. Nie Li still carried a lot of curiosity towards the Heavenly Sacred Border. He got Du Ze and Lu Piao to wait outside and Nie Li entered the Heavenly Sacred Border.